I can't stand rude people.

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  1. :hysteric:

    Haven't ranted in a while on here..
    but here is what's on the hot list right now.

    I have been running and watching my moms store for this whole week now.

    Since earlier this week, this woman has been calling to do I.O.U services and finally today she came in to pay.

    This woman is a fellow member of the church that I been going to since I was a baby. So when she came in, I then just figured out who she is.

    (We have a phone program thing where we adminster MINUTES into your phone line to call to another country. This woman uses about atleast $100 to call her BOYFRIEND in Vietnam-----which please let me add-----SHE IS A MARRIED WOMAN, GOES TO CHURCH, AND HER HUSBAND IS A VERY IMPORTANT PERSON TO THE CHURCH. HOW EMBARASSING FOR HIM I MUST SAY.)

    She came in, demanded me to give her a free CD b/c she brought in a customer for us which bougth soem stuff from us.....She was like " YOU NEED TO GIVE ME THIS FREE CD CUZ I JUST BROUGHT YOU A CUSTOMER." --she wasn't even kidding. I just looked at her and was like " What?" She then rolled her eyes at me and mumbled to her daughter..." How is she gonna say WHAT to me like that, I ain't even her mother.." ( whatever she meant by that..???)

    I then was writing down her info in our log we keep, and without finishing she said " Well, aren't you going to program the minutes for me now??":s I politely looked at her, smiled, and said , " Hold on?? I'm getting there."

    She totally rolled her eyes at me.

    I was already pist b/c not only did she literally place her hands on my shoulder and shoved me to " do it", she asked me so many uneedful questions about my family and to top that off, THREW HER $50 bills on the table.


    This is another main reason why I choose NOT to attend church anymore.
    People are not very nice. They seem to more concerned about whats going on in other peoples families and TALK ABOUT IT ,and...its a f**king fashion show. Church just isn't for the right reasons anymore.Well, atleast this is how I see it at MY local church...


    Thank you for listening.
    I feel rather relieved now.


  2. I've worked in customer/technical support for a long time so I totally understand what it's like to have to deal with rude people all day. Sorry to hear that lady was so rude to you! And how dare she put her hands on you?! Hopefully you will not have to see her again anytime soon.

  3. :Push:
  4. What a pain! Some people just don't get it!
  5. ugh that's disgustin that this woman is disrespectufl overall
  6. Yuck that lady sounds like a brat!
  7. I totally get you on the church thing, I don't attend temple because I don't believe in its corruptive nature.