I can't sleep, need advice! Waaaahhhhh! HELP!

  1. okay, ladies please help me.

    I am going nuts. I have a Gold Birkin on the way and a vert something on hold. I have an PO from france of a 35cm. etoupe birkin in clemence and my friend has offered me. . . . . . .

    a Fuschia pink HAC 32cm. in chevre leather. It is priced above retail at over $10K. (Payment Plan given)

    1. Should I get it?

    2. Is it really difficult to get chevre now (my SA in france said they don't accept Podium Orders of chevre because as he said it is a very little goat)?

    3. Is Fuschia Pink hard to come by?

    Help me girls. It is 12am where I am from and I can't sleep. I don't know what to do. Some of your wise advice would really put me in perspective.

  2. yes, chevre is hard to come by these days, but would you want a fuschia one or also, would you like a HAC?

    the other bags that are coming are more neutral colors - and as i recall you got another neutral bag w/c is the EBENE birkin, right? maybe the fuschia would be a fun color to have but then, how do you like the HACs? also to consider, the payment plan - that's kinda nice.....
  3. Questions:
    1. Should I get it?
    My advice is NO. If you agree to the bag (which I presume is a birkin) on hold, it means you will have 3 Birkins coming all around the same time.

    Take the time to appreciate these in the pipeline. You may not be able to really appreciate each bag if you have more.

    You need to spread out your purchase a bit. Even if it's for another month, or just a few more weeks.

    Do you think your friend can wait?

    2. Is it really difficult to get chevre now (my SA in france said they don't accept Podium Orders of chevre because as he said it is a very little goat)?
    Chevre is low in supply. But still available via SO. But that said, next year, there will be a new chevre leather. And the hearsay, is that it will be just as good. So, no worries.

    You will also have more colours in 2008 to choose from.

    3. Is Fuschia Pink hard to come by?
    How important is this colour to you?

    I honestly do not think it's so hard to come by. Then again, it varies country to country.
  4. thanks pazt and mrssparkles.

    to reply: i would like a "pop" color bag but am also scared that it might over the top when I am a bit older

    the info about the new chevre is really great. I thought it was going to be phased out so I was worried I wouldn't be able to get it anymore

    about the hac, I haven't owned a hac yet and from the feedback of ladies here in the forum. I think it would be a lovely bag to own.

    BTW, pazt I sold my ebene 30cm. cause I found it too small for me. :push:
  5. Oh wow! How often do we get a thread about getting too many Birkins? :p
    Good luck with your decisions!
  6. fuschia is chevre is TDF in my oppinion and stunning, if you can afford all of them then I say go for it...the HAC in addition is a new favorite of mine, you must try it first and see how it looks on you, actually holding it and see how you look, it can make a world of difference how you feel about it. i hope you get it, if i did not already have the fuschia in ostrich i would snap up one too.

  7. Ditto. And with 3 OTHERS on the way, don't pay over retail. Enjoy them and by the time an itch comes around while you are enjoying your fab haul, you will likely be able to search about for a retail priced bag.

    Good luck either way!
  8. thanks tricia and haute couturess.

    I guess I am blessed to be offered by my friend. As some people would die to get a birkin bag. And I do appreciate it.

    I love the hac 32cm. in fuschia especially when I saw pics of H_addict. OMG! I was really smitten with it.

  9. one more thing, my PO is not yet arriving :crybaby:my SA said it should be here before or during December.
  10. jen, i think, H addict's HAC is a size 28 not a 32. i may be wrong............but i agree, fuschia in chevre is hard to resist!
  11. i talked to an SA yesterday who said that they are not currently making fuschia chevre bags. fuschia is such a pretty color. your other bags are neutrals so perhaps you want this pop of color? i wear mostly neutrals and pink is my fav color so fuschia chevre would be perfect for me.
  12. I love fuschia. But if you can swing it financially, I would say go for it! (I know, I am really bad...)

    I believe that they are making more of the rose shocking color vs. the fuscia. But I am sure there will be fuschia popping up on the secondary market. I got my fuschia 35cm chevre for over $8500K last year (with taxes) and that is retail! I expect prices will be slightly higher this year so perhaps there is a premium of about $1K which is not so bad.

    My personal take is that if you really, really want the fuschia - which I agree really pops out in terms of color and I find myself wearing it almost with anything.... then you may not want to wait and miss out on this opportunity. But remember, 32cm HACs wear a little differently than 35cm.

    If you think 30cm is too small, have you tried 35cm?

    Good luck with your decision....