I can't sleep at night, thinking about this

  1. http://bagaholicboy.com/2012/08/givenchy-crocodile-print-leather-clutches/


    I tried looking online and can't find it anywhere. All of them seems to stock the proper Antigona bag or the envelope clutch but not this zipper style.
    My local Givenchy didn't order this - BLOODY FIRE THE BUYER!!! and they said the order for this batch is over and they can't re-order.:nogood:

    The emerald green is beyond beautiful but I know not anyone that can help me buy it in Singapore. Oh well.
  2. The card case is on SSENSE; they do update inventory frequently so hopefully the clutch will pop up soon!
  3. I adore the croc print, esp in this shiny finish...I get tons of compliments on my orange nightingale in this style. The green and violet are even more gorgeous in the clutch...can really glam up a neutral or conservative outfit.
  4. Hey nielnielniel, I swear I just saw one online somewhere...not up to 20 minutes ago. Let me check, I'll let you know...
    Okay, I'm going to PM you only because something tells me that someone else could buy it from under you lol! If you don't want to buy it, you can just share the link for others...
  5. Thanks for the tip. It is there. But they don';t ship to my country.

    I have a feeling that more stocks will trickle down to more online stores. Have to take a gamble and wait then :sad:
  6. I'm sorry I can't be of help, but wow it's gorgeous!!
  7. Hi nielnielniel, just got back from Givenchy store in Pavilion K.L i saw both colours available but the pouch is a bit rounded on the bottom..if i'm not mistaken..sorry poor memory ^^;; hope it helped you out?
  8. Yes it did, thanks for the info but ended not buying after all, saved for something else. Sigh