I can't really think rationally now, so I need your opinion please!


Should I get this chanel Valentine heart bag on bluefly?

  1. Yes, it's cute and I think the price is reasonable, go for it!

  2. No, get a chanel leather bag instead.

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  1. Ok, I know bluefly has their price inflated all the time, I also know they have sold fake b-bags. But now that I have this bag in my shopping cart....I don't know if I should just forget about it or get it!

    If I use the discount code some PFers have suggested, this bag will be $863.56, which I believe is lower than it's original price (though I don't know what's the original retail price).

    Should I get it??

    Pros: it's a cute bag, and I do want to have a small flap bag in messenger style.
    Cons: not sure if I should trust bluefly....also I have always bought chanel leather bags...but this is not leather, is it worth it. The print is cute but would be last for a long time? I know this bag is not meant to be an everyday bag due to its print and small size.

    What do you think??

    Also, anyone has this bag?? Can you tell me how do you feel about it? Is it hard to keep it clean since I believe the interior is white color and the pink canvas might get dirty easily??

    Also, if you have the bag, can you post a pic with you carrying it?? I wanna see how it long the strap is since I am only 5'1".

    06 Valentine's Day Hearts Flap Bag.JPG
  2. I'm just not feeling the love with this bag, so I am voting no. But if you think you will love it, go for it!!
  3. ^ i don't know if I love it actually....coz while I do want a flap bag with this style, I prefer just colorful leather, I am not too sure about the print and canvas.
  4. hikarupanda, IMO, I would suggest you not to buy it. If you had doubt with bluefly on the authenticity, it will only bring you madness and sleepless nights worrying if the bag is real or fake. I personally don't like the heart print of the bag. Although it looks cute but I don't think the the style can last as long as the leather ones. Just my opinion but the choice is still up to you to decide. :yes:
  5. hikarupanda, I think you should pass on that bag. Its a bag "to have" if you have everything else KWIM. Plus, i just do not trust bluefly...
  6. ^ I actually agree with everything you said, aritziababe! I guess I just want more people to tell me to STOP!!! I think as a shopaholic I just want to buy something since my khaki cabas is not here yet (I have been waiting for soooooooooooooooooo long...), but yup yup, eventually I really want a messenger style classic flap but in caviar leather, maybe in red color would be nice!
  7. Thanks gals for your advice!
  8. i wanted that bag until i read it wasn't leather :sad:. i'm too clumsy but it is super cute!
  9. i voted no because i think the fabric would get dirty and get worn in the corners easily. also, although it's on sale... $863 is a bit too much to pay for a fabric purse. for a few extra hundred dollars, you could get a leather chanel that will last longer.
  10. I don't really care for that bag nor do I trust Bluefly. I would try some of the other sites out there for authentic bags. Try this one.... Chanel-Handbags-Purse(No Cache) They only sell the real deal. I ordered one of their bags and took it to the boutique and it was confirmed authentic. Their prices are very good and sometimes they have new bags as well although most of the merchandise is pre-owned. You can also try The Snob - Women's Designer Clothing and Accessories Consignment Resale Store They have a good Chanel selection. Just my two cents.
  11. I voted no.

    I was under the impression that Bluefly was legit... until I read otherwise on this forum. Now I won't go near the place. You'll always be wondering if your bag is the real thing. It's not worth it!
  12. I voted no b/c I question Bluefly's handbags' authenticity.
  13. I vote no and agree with the above posts.
  14. This bag is impossible to find in stores any longer. It was very popular when available.

    As stated in other threads Bluefly has a very generous return policy. If anyone purchased a Chanel bag from Bluefly, I'm sure there are enough people on here that could help authenticate if pictures are provided. :yes:
  15. I vote no too!! :yes: The bag is not gorgeous to risk it with Bluefly!! Save the $$ and maybe get a matching wallet for your khaki Cabas!! :P