I can't put my violet city down!

  1. I can't believe how much I love this bag! I am such a neutral person normally (my other bbags are a griege city and three black bbags) but I just can't stop carrying my violet city. Today I am wearing basic black/white, and was thinking about changing from my violet to griege but when I looked in the mirror, it was no contest! Violet all the way! Anybody else feel the same way about their violet bbag?

    Here's another look at my violet agneau city:heart::
  2. Well, I haven't used my violet city or first yet but I LOVE them and I can't wait to use them. I just need to figure out to tell my husband that I bought them. Yours is beautiful.
  3. YES!!!!!!!!!! :nuts:

    I absolutely LOVE my violet city!!! :love::love::love: I am so glad we both feel the same way!!! I just stare at her all the time and am going to be using her non-stop for a long long long time!!!!!!! Even my DH thinks this bag is HOT!!! lol
  4. Eeep she's so pretty! I know how you feel, I keep picking up and snuggling my new Rouge city. You got a really nice City there, the leather looks GLORIOUS!
  5. My violet's still brand new, but I'll be wearing it this weekend!!!
  6. ^^lol allison! I am thinking I need a violet first, too!
  7. Congrats gwen..
    It's a gorgeous bag.. have loads of fun with it :heart:
  8. Oh My goodness! i totally agree, i haven't put my Violet First down! I LOVE her so much. It is the Agneau and I just sent my violet City/chevre back to Neimans. What a Difference!
    I wear the bag with everything! I even wore it with a red T-shirt yesterday ,by accident, but it looked OK. I have never had a Violet handbag before and i'm so glad i got this one! I haven't worn it with brown yet....
  9. Here she is! My Violet First from AR
  10. ^^Gorgeous! I am glad there are other violet addicts out there!
  11. Your bag looks gorgeous, gwen. It's a fantastic colour, isn't it and yours looks to have wonderful leather. Congrats. My violet City is chevre and I was a bit concerned about the move to agneau, but yours looks just great. I've been reassured by your pics.
  12. meee toooo! I got a violet first as a going out bag but i love it so much i've been using it the past couple of days. It's too small though for everyday! I think i need a Violet City too! Anyone know where I could get one?
  13. Brunettetiger - I just sent one back to AR (had a scratch) and ordered one from BalNY. My SA did mention that the ones left at BalNY have gorgeous leather. Good luck! The color is sooo pretty, really does go with everything. Can't wait to get mine in the mail, again and wear it with my khaki trench, jeans and flats!
  14. Glad to hear it's so versatile! It's on the top of my list!
  15. GORGEOUS!!!! Yours really looks a lot like eggplant. Very nice leather and color.:tup: