I can’t possibly imagine any logical explanation for this

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  1. [​IMG]

    Only Paris Hilton would wear half of a black glove :rolleyes:
  2. makes no sense .. + it seems annoying IMO

    gorgeous eye make up:wtf:
  3. I know ! :P don't forget her Chanel bag. :heart:
  4. No Paris, we are not going to follow your new trend.
  5. her fingers actually look :wtf: *fat* in that half glove.... :roflmfao:
  6. ^^^ lol, so true. her fingers do look unusually large there!
  7. Blech! I've seen her wear 1/2 gloves before. I think Karl Lagerfeld does this too...maybe she's paying homage to him. ;)
  8. gorgeous make up! but ugly ugly gloves :roflmfao:
  9. Dress is cute, belt is cute, make-up is cute... and then she puts on a medical latex glove made for a 4 fingered midget. :confused1:
  10. I dont like anything about her look!
  11. All I know is that her right eye seems to be wandering.............................
  12. Woudln't you have to continuosly be pulling on the glove to make it stay on??
  13. Here's an explanation for ya: Attention craving space cadet.
  14. those gloves do not make any sense, i hate them.:yucky:
  15. She looks gorgeous in this picture but that finger glove thing on her hand...it reminds of those things for your feet that are like half-socks and only cover your toes...lol.:yes: