I can't play today - GO SEAHAWKS

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  1. Well, they think we're too designer since we wear teal and dusty blue uniforms and we drink $3.00 cups of coffee and people think all it does is rain up here, but our beloved Seahawks have finally made it to the superbowl, something we never thought would happen. We're owned by a microsoft millionaire and we're pretty low key up here but today is our day win or lose. and I'm savoring the moment. GO SEAHAWKS!!:lol: :lol:
  2. yaaaaaaaay
  3. sorry, i'm rooting for the steelers....can't say no to ben roethlisberger!
  4. :biggrin: I too live in seattle- gooo hawks!! (although i know nothing about sports - nor do i really care) I can't help but root for the home team. I just hope they win fso my BF is in a good mood when he gets home!
  5. He's :love:

    My bf and I made a bet, the loser has to take the winner to dinner at Smokey Bones BBQ next Saturday. Pittsburgh just scored, I can smell my free pulled pork platter with garlic bread right now! :P
  6. a male friend of mine called me earlier today to see who i was rooting for in the big game. i told him the steelers, he asked why, i told him it was because ben roethlisberger was hot, and he hung up on me, lol.

    enjoy your food!
  7. Ugh the game pissed me off so much!!! There were some really bad calls!!! The Steeler's first TD, that was SO NOT OVER THE LINE. And just lots of little things. The hawks had more yards, more FDs, and reading just some of the stats you'd think that the seahawks won. Whatever, they had an amazing season and we'll be back next year!!!!!
  8. pretty much my sentiments but you'll be pleased to know that the senior writers for ESPN who have no affiliation with either team have all stated clearly that the seahawks lost because the officials made serious errors which tipped the game. That is what I saw but in reading all the sports stories today it was actually even much worse officiating that I even thought and the consensus is that the seahawks were the better team but got hosed. Now it appears the rumors of the NFL being fixed might have some substance to them.