I can't open my new Stam!

  1. :shrugs: :crybaby:

    I just got a Mouse Stam from Saks.com (the 10% coupon code SHOPFALL really set me over the edge).

    Beautiful bag, beautiful shape - but I can barely open the kiss lock. It takes two hands and my face clenches up and my hands hurt afterwards. It is an embarrashing spectacle. I feel like an idiot. How many purse lovers does it take to open a Stam?

    I found another thread on this here - but it didn't really answer my question. Someone mentioned a twisting manuver. If anyone has had this problem and can describe if there is a trick to open the bag, or if it gets easier with time, please let me know! Otherwise, this bag is going back.

    Also, I think it's ridiculous that MJ switched the lining from suede to cheap looking twill, and raised the price on the bag.
  2. Can you return it?
  3. Of course I can return it. I really don't want to. I've been lusting after this bag for a while!
  4. I don't have any problems with my putty stam. Put a little more elbow grease into opening it and it should loosen up a bit after a while. It's just that little tab on the inside of the kisslock is difficult sometimes.

    Either that or you could exchange it if they any another one. It may not be as difficult.
  5. My NM SA said to put a little soap on it...to loosen it up...I had a similiar issue once
  6. I didn't have any problems opening mine so maybe you can exchange it? and I agree, I'm not too crazy about the new lining either.
  7. I just called my local Saks and the lady I spoke to told me they were making them tighter this year, because people complained about them being too loose last year.

    I would love to be able to go there and try the locks on some other Stams to see if my bag was different - but she told me they were all like that and they didn't have any Stams in stock.

    I think I will try the soap, but I am concerned that something might happen to the bag and I might not be able to return it afterwards.
  8. So sorry to hear you are having problems - what a bummer. I think since the SA suggested it they would accept the return if it doesnt work.
    Thank you for passing on the discount code!

  9. I'm a little steamed about what the SA said. I don't care if she says all of them are the same. Did she open each and every one of them and check and see? Probably not. I would go anyway and just check them out. Don't take the SA's word to heart. They don't know everything. Some know very little about the product they sell.
  10. Oh I forgot to mention that the SA told me to take it to a shoe repair shop to see what they can do. Seems pretty ridiculous to have to do for a $1200 purse.

    The more I think about this, the angrier I get. I really loved and wanted this bag - and the way it is now, it is unusable. I don't want to risk waiting for it to get easier to open, because then I can't return it.
  11. OMG! I thought the same thing! I know from experience that every purse has its nuances. I would go down there in a heartbeat (even though, I live in Las Vegas and I would have to go through the horror of driving down the strip). But they don't have any Stams in stock there.

    I feel like visiting my sister in Orange County, California so I can check the several Saks they have down there. Seems kinda outrageous for a purse, huh?
  12. Im sorry but when you pau $1200 for a bag you shouldnt have to even walk to pick it up. I understand how it must feel to have waited so long to get this one thing and it has to be hard to return it - but really.
  13. I just called a Costa Mesa Saks Fifth Avenue and had the saleslady open a Stam bag and tell me if it was difficult or not. She said it was very easy to open with one hand. I was about ready to reserve it and go to California this weekend - but then we figured out it was the Hobo Stam (which I think is very ugly).

    But I guess this means if I send the bag back and get another one sent, maybe the new bag won't be such a hassle to open. Or maybe I should drive to California this weekend and find a Saks that has my bag and I can exchange it there.
  14. Oh wait, I just realized that the Hobo Stam doesn't have anything close to the kiss clasp on the regular Stam. I kinda suspected the SA was confused . . .

    I am leaning towards returning this and just waiting until I fall in love with another bag.
  15. I would call around if you're planning on going to Cali to visit your sister. If you find a Saks that has a regular stam, then I would go there and check it out.