I can't move my neck!!!

  1. I was laying on my back sleeping and when I woke up yesterday morning, I went to pull my self up and it felt like I dislocated something in my shoulder neck.

    I can't move my neck now.:crybaby: I can't turn it to the right it's in so much pain. It goes all down my shoulder. I tried putting a heating pad on it and it didn't do anything.

    So I took a shower because I have one of those massager shower heads and I thought that would help with the hot water. Nothing!

    Sleeping last night was awful I have to lay in one position because if I move it's very painful.

    I don't know what else to do has this ever happened to anyone? Any advice?
  2. Sorry to hear that, I have had a few neck strains, I know they are painful.

    Ibuprofen should help, also try ice instead of heat. Neck strains are common, they usually last about 48 -72 hours.

    If it doesn't get better soon, try a chiropractor.
  3. It sounds like you sprained your neck, can sometimes happen if you sleep in a funny angle for a long time. If the pain persists, you should go to a GP. I am sure others on here can offer more advice.
    Kind regards
  4. Sounds like the muscles in your neck are in spasm. It's really painful, I know, cause I have had it (luckily DH is an orthopaedic surgeon, so he knows what to do!)

    If it's indeed a muscle spasm, i was always given muscle relaxants (have to get them from your MD cause its prescription only)

    I feel for you! I know how painful it is, but if it is a muscle spasm and you get the muscle relaxers it starts to work in a few hours!

    Good luck!
  5. I did that a while back, but the pain only stayed in my neck. I think I might have had a crazy dream that night and jerked my neck in the wrong way, but my neck was so sore. I rubbed IcyHot all over my neck which seemed to relieve it a little.

    Hope you get better soon! *hugs*
  6. I've had that happen..best solution...have someone massage it with some icy hot. Let them do so for a couple days straight..it will slowly but surely feel better.
  7. This happens to me every couple of years.... It always goes away in 2-3 days.
  8. urgh so sorry to hear that.. i'm very paranoid about these things.... i'd go straight to my GP asap if possible... don't move too much, use a warm pack on it and some cream to relax the muscles and prevent swelling. i use voltaren

    hope you feel better soon, let us know....
  9. I was going to say what twinkle said--cold pack works well for me. If Aleve or Advil don't help and it's not improving in a couple days, get outside help. If you have a chiropractor, you could try that, or you may need to call your family dr. and get some Rx for muscle relaxant. The longer it's like this, the longer it will take to improve with treatment.

    Good luck! I get this now and then and it really hurts!
  10. I think you were under lots of stress. Rub lots of sports balm on your neck to release muscle tension. Try Tiger balm sold at Costco. It works best for me.