I cant make up my mind!!


What Chanel bag?

  1. Lux

  2. tote

  3. flap

  4. combination of the ones above (comment?)

  5. other?

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. I'm going over to talk to my SA not this week, but the next coming week (after my finals are done). And I can't decide what I want!!! I want a bag that carries everything I need (2 sidekicks, long wallet, 2 pairs of keys, makeup) that I can wear all the time.

    So here are my options:

    1. Lux bowler
    2. Tote (found here in this forum)
    3. Another flap bag (either jumbo or a bit smaller - except this time lambskin.. not sure about colors, so any idea would be great)
    4. 2 of the ones above
  2. If you can afford only one on your list then I'd go for the bowler. If you can do two, then bowler and large lambskin re-issue flap bag.
  3. I say go for the flap bag in jumbo.. always classic!
  4. My vote is for a tote.
  5. Depends on your lifestyle. I tried most of them and found out that the tote is the only one that would work for me. So, I voted for a tote.
  6. I'd say the Lux or the tote.

    I don't know what colors Chanel released this year with the flap bags, so perhaps you should ask when you go in. The classic flaps are great bags, but I really only like the washed lambskin ones that were in InStyle. The colors are light and pastel, but I don't know if you'd want to wear them eveyday.
  7. I love the tote! Secondly I'd pick the lux bowler
  8. Ok!!! Well I talked to my SA today and he's going to see what colors are available under the Lux and the tote!! XD

    And depending on that, I will choose. But thanks for your input, I think I'm leaning more towards the bowler right now! :biggrin:
  9. I changed my mind! I'm now in love with the Lux and you can always get the tote later! Yay Lux!
  10. Get a Lux bag, you can always get the tote later.
  11. Def. the luxury bowler!
  12. i agree! :amuse: good luck!
  13. ^ lol, I already have a jumbo flap ;) hehe
    I was thinking about getting a different color (other than black)

    But thanks for all of your responses!!! :biggrin:
  14. i like the tote. looks good for every day use. i was going to say go for the flap but since you have one already, get a different style. lucky you...i wish i can afford a chanel bag right now...
  15. Why not get the LUX TOTE? I have it and love it..its in my bag showcase if you wanna see pics..GREAT BAG!