I Can't Make Up My Mind Please Help.

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  1. What do you ladies think of this Gucci bag its been out for a few years now and its been known as the "jessica simpson bag"
    If any of you have it do you like it i'm interested in the larger size. Don't know if i should go for the guccissima print or just plain leather.
    Is it comfy?

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  2. I have a Guccissima top handle bag and LOVE the leather. I think it looks so rich and luscious. And I think that blue is really nice--I think it could look casual with jeans but dressed up with black... If the bag's comfortable, it gets my vote!
  3. i'm not really interested in the blue that was just the only pic i found. lol
  4. lol, I still recommend the Guccissima leather regardless of the color. I have yet to see a Guccissima that wasn't attractive.:lol:
  5. plain leather looks lovely in that color u posted (cream white?)..:love: or even in black (if there is any!)..

    however i am not sure,, looks not so comfortable to wear? :blink:
  6. I have it in the black Guccissima and I love it! The leather is gorgeous and the bag is actually comfortable. Yes, the hardware does make the strap a little heavier, but I find I don't notice that at all when it is actually on my shoulder. I'm someone who has a tendency to carry a lot of stuff in my bag and I do it very comfortably with this bag. It gets two thumbs up from me!
  7. I love this bag! I almost bought one last year but the Paddy came too soon. :smile: I love the plain leather because that's what I saw that time.
  8. I definitely like the print better :biggrin:
  9. I love my guccissima medium hobo. I don't think it is much heavier than any other bag with similar amount of hardware (be it on any other part of the bag). It's comfortable for me.
  10. I think it's a beautiful bag, either in leather or in the logo print. Great shape.
  11. Beautiful! Really love the blue or the cream in the guccissima! Really pretty IRL too.
  12. Do they have that style for Guccisima in rich brown color? I think I saw it a few times. If they do, I vote for the 1st style in brown. It looked so nice~~
  13. The print definitely! It looks fabulous in rl!
  14. Where can you find the gucci print in blue? That is a fun color!
  15. I was admiring this bag at Saks recently and thought it was beautiful, but the large is incredibly huge! I wasn't expecting it to be so big.