I can't make up my freaking mind about this bag:

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    Actually, I got it in BLACK as a Christmas gift. And the stripes are an off-white color.

    I know it looks like the Balenciaga and the Marc Jacobs Trish bag (thanks to you guys) and now I have to make up my mind if I'm going to return it or exchange for the red.

    I feel like I am too self-concerned with what bags I carry. The only non-designer bag I carry is the farthest I could get from being inspired by a designer bag.
    I feel like since the black is sold out, I should hang onto it. But I've also started to really like red bags, and I don't have one. I probably won't be able to buy another designer bag until another year from now when I'm out of college.

    I feel like a bad person feeling so self-concerned. But with that said, black, red, or return it?
  2. I vote you keep your black. Like it better than the red personally!
  3. Black with the off-white is probably going to be more versatile than the red. But if you love the red (and are sure it will still be there if you do an exchange), you should follow your instincts.
  4. I like both, but if red is the one you like the best then you should definitly return it!
  5. Thanks very much-- it doesn't look like it's "copying" too much, though? I don't know why I care... because it is a cute bag; it's pretty big, but it's cute.
    I guess I feel weird using designer bags and then having a designer inspired bag, you know what I mean?

    I do like the black... but the red I might decide. I may keep it. I'm so unsure. I think I have to "use it" around the house and see how it looks-- it's so flat from being packaged I have only tried once or twice and gave up, haha.
  6. I like the red.
  7. I like the red, but I like the black too, it is a cute bag.
  8. My rule of thumb is: if I'm having any doubts about a potential purchase, I don't get it. Usually if I do purchase something I'm only so-so about, I'll wear it once, or it'll sit in my closet with the tag still on. Only after I'm pretty certain I like it do I end up purchasing. If you think you'll find something else in the store, I'd return, since you said you're uneasy about designer inspired bags.
  9. I'm with leslie23.
  10. That's a very good point Leslie, I completely agree! However... this was a gift so it's even tougher! haha. Though it's from my parents, but the day to make the decision (30 day return limit) is coming up this week most likely according to them. I even tried looking around for other things for $50 and couldn't find anything I like, bag or not... I may keep it, but I'm still deciding as long as I have time to.

    Thanks very much for the input; it's been very helpful! I'm leaning towards keeping it now, but I'm going to wait until later in the week when it's closer to the time limit I can return.
  11. I like the black.
  12. I say keep it. It was a gift, its cute, and if you have a lot of red bags already having a black one isnt a bad idea.