i can't make a decision

  1. to save my life. anyway i think i finally decided i should get a keyholder as my next little piece. this is mainly because yesterday i felt in my opcket and i had 3 seperate keychains which was irritating. lol

    anyway, i want to see if they have indigo vernis but since that's nearly impossible i am now trying to decide between pomme, mini lin and mono. i love the red and would love that color but i worry about transfer on my light colored azur and other bags. i think the mini lin is more durable. also because i usually throw it in my pocket when i go to the bathroom at work. so which is smarter?

  2. .. I vote for pomme? But hey, that's just me. I think the red could compliment just about everything, and since its a darker color you don't have to worry about the color transfer. But the mini lin is gorgeous too!
  3. yeah i am having such a hard time chosing. i have a vernis piece but nothing in mini lin yet and i was thinking it would be nice to have a little something from each line...

    argh. why am i SO indecisive?
  4. I'd say either mini lin or the mono. If it were me I'd go w/mono...outside of my one damier piece I'm just drawn to it [but that's just me!] Either would be great!! Good luck!
  5. love mini lin or pomme.
    you don't have to worry about pomme and color transfer--you'll be fine with the color being dark, so if you want a splash of red--go for it!
    also, the omme will not be around forever, and you can always get the mini lin down the road when you get that mini lin speedy you know you are going to get.....:graucho:
  6. Mini Lin or Pomme for sure. Probably the Pomme first though :yes:
  7. I would get either a mono or mini lin cles. So then I did read correctly on a thread you got an azure speedy?? wow that is terribly exciting. Is there a pic of it in your collection in the bag showcase? That bag is beautiful.
  8. Definitely the pomme. It's soooo pretty!:love:
  9. I'm gonna say to go for the Pomme, lol. I know, yer probably like, sure the one with most worry everyones picking...lol...

    If you are really worried tho, the Mini Lin for small items are cute, so it would be real practical and pretty and yes, another lne addition for you.

    Pomme...beauty, semi-paranoia or Mini Lin...practicality + another line.

    Okie, I didn't help much, I'm sorry. Get both. lol. Nono, get Pomme in the key holder and a mini lin cles? or the other way around if you dont have the Pomme cles already? lol, okie, i'll shut up :heart:
  10. i have too many cles to get another one... i am leaning towards the pomme. i thought the pomme would transfer ONTO other things and not the other way around. am i wrong?
  11. I would go mini lin if you do not plan on getting anything from that line.
    i think that the mini lin is cheaper tehn the vernis, anyway. a nice bonus!
    i have a glace one that i have a hard time living without now that i have it! i love it to pieces!
    my vote IS for mini lin:

    you don't have any mini lin
    its durable
    no color transfer
    you prob wont worry about it the way you would with vernis
    there is plenty of mono in your collection, right? don't go mono again.

    good luck and congrats in advance!
  12. Nope, the Vernis' colors don't transfer onto things..only newsprints and inks will transfer onto the Vernis if you're not careful about what you set them on or against.
  13. have u considered the damier one? i throw it around everyday and it looks sparkling new
  14. i have too much damier- 2 bags, a cles and a trousse
  15. yep! :yes: