I can't live without my....

  1. I just saw this thread in a different forum and it really got me thinking....

    I think I can't live without my:
    *BG Pink City
    *RV Money
    *RV Purse
    *BI Purse

    I love my remaining BBags A LOT, too, but they tie in 2nd place.

    How about you?
  2. Anthra Twiggy
    Chloe whiskey Edith satchel (sorry, I know it's not a bbag!);)
  3. my Black Work bag!!
  4. ...cat!!

    Whilst I love my bbags, if I had to, I could live without them.

    My favourite at the moment is my new Mogano Day.
  5. Black satin Chanel Cabas!!! :heart:(thanks sea)

    Rouge Theatre Day!!!!!!!!:heart:
  6. i gotta go with 05 Black City on this one :p
  7. So far, it's my 06 grey purse, but we'll see after the NM LE city arrives!
  8. My 05 black city! It's my staple and go-to!
  9. 05' Black city and Black silver hardware Chanel reissue
  10. 05 Black City and 05 Chocolate City:love:
  11. :heart::heart: My friends that really get me through EVERY day:heart::heart: After that, it would be my Anthracite City, My 05 Chocolate work and Rouge VIF city :girlsigh:
  12. 05 black city.
  13. My 03 black first and my 05 black twiggy
  14. i'd have to say my 07 steel day, but i have a couple items in the mail so this may change
  15. MY 05 black PURSE~