I can't live without my ...

  1. As I was looking through my small Hermès collection, I realize that certain items really hold a special place in my heart. :love:

    I can't explain why but if I choose which ones are my favorites, I can't seem to live without my:

    - 30cm Birkin, gold/gold, swift
    - Tapis Volant scarf in red/orange colorway

    It's like with my jewelry, I have certain items (which are not necessarily the most expensive) that I hold dearest to me and I feel "naked" without them! :yes:

    What about you?
  2. My black box Kelly and Medor. They're both so ME!
  3. my pegasus cadena and black quitte ou. i seriously wear it all the time. and my caleche bangles. i can't find my ivory one right now but i've been wearing my lilac one.

    and, of course, my massai. i was wearing it today and caught myself in a store window and just realized how fabulous and perfect for me it really is.
  4. Kelly :love:

    and the ' de Passage a Tokyo' in black
  5. My BJ Kelly!! She just makes me happy, lol.
  6. Gosh, this is hard La Van....

    I love my scarves. I have a different favorite one each week, depending on my mood...

    I love my ebene Birkin and blue marine HAC (have just fallen in love with the Birkin style) but I also really love the Bolide....

    My bracelets make me happy too.

    I can't choose just one or two! :heart:
  7. Great thread LaVan!

    My favorites (also, what I use the most often):
    -Vol Amoureaux de Azures scarf black/fuschia
    -Mexique enamel bangle
    -Horn scarf ring
    -the Karo in GM and PM
    -28cm Dalmation Kelly
  8. LaVan, what a fun topic!!

    I can't live without my:

    -- Dogon key wallet (it is the most useful piece I own)
    -- Gold togo Birkin (it totally sends me)
    -- Black H loafers (the most comfy shoes in my closet)
  9. Picotin and new Bolduc Twilly:heart:
    And my enamel bracelets
  10. For me, it's the Etoupe Massai, M et M scarf and the Indigo Kelly :girlsigh:
  11. ooh i forgot my horn ring since i haven't worn a scarf in forever! yes! can't live without my horn and wood scarf rings.
  12. my gold birkin with PH. she's so right with almost everything!
  13. i can't live without:
    -my black dogon wallet
    -globe-trotter agenda
    -picotin TGM -since this is my mail workhorse bag:smile:
  14. Hmmm, this is tough!! I can't live without my HAC marron fonce fjord, one of my mousselines (any one would do) and my CDC bracelets!
  15. caramel chevre trifold Bearn wallet
    blue jean lizard Vision II agenda
    black togo Birkin with Gold Hardware

    AWESOME thread!!!