I can't keep waiting for my tassels to split? Should I try and help them along?

  1. Okay, I am running out of patience. First of all, I love the look of split tassels. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it!

    All the tassels on my First have split, and I think it looks so rocker cool when they all fling around and blow in the wind. :rochard:

    Now, my City is a different story. I have been very patient so far, and haven't really poked or picked at the tassels. The bag itself is certainly starting to break in better (been using her for 2-ish months), but the tassels barely show any sign of splitting... maybe just a small area where they are beginning to pull apart.

    From the threads I've read it seems that most of you do not prefer the look of split tassels, but still I have to ask...

    Has anyone split their own tassels? Does anyone have any success or horror stories of DIY Tassel Splitting?

    Thanks so much!
  2. i remember reading here that playing with the tassels helps :p
  3. I think most tassels are just too stubborn to split by themselves.;)
    All of my Bal's tassels are in tact except for my Lilac Box's, they split a week after I got her :sad: And since I don't quite like the split-tassel-look, I took off the old ones and put on new tassels for her. However there's one part on the old tassel that has surprisingly stayed in tact, in my OCD:sweatdrop: I just have to uniform the look by splitting them all the way:p

    I've also read somewhere that applying conditioner will do the trick too:graucho:
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  4. Thanks so much for the tips! Hubby's gonna think I've lost it tonight when he sees me playing with my tassels! LOL...

    Soleil, I'll try your suggestion too the next time I condition it.

    The only thing I'm nervous about it that only one of the three tassels seems like it is going to come apart. I don't want to have one set of split tassels and two other intact tassels. I must have a little OCD in me too! :s
  5. I would recommend against trying to split them yourself. Kooba, I'm like you, I prefer the split tassels, and I had one taupe bag where they split within about 5 minutes, and another taupe bag where they were stubborn - go figure. I was stuck in traffic one day and bored and just decided to take matters into my own hands and split one myself. And it made a horrible mess, with glue residue and uneven bits, and I ended up having to replace that tassel.:rolleyes:
  6. ^Oh no!!! Well, it's a good thing I haven't started my DIY project yet...

    Maybe I'll just give it a little more time... I definitely don't want to cause a mess and have to dip into my stash of extra tassels. :confused1:

    Thanks so much for your story Louisey!
  7. this is funny... because i didn't think anyone else liked split tassels. it kinda gives the bag some character. i especially like the splitting on the weekenders.

    i've never tried splitting them myself though. thanks for the warning, LP. you must have been really bored.;)
  8. argh! i just discovered that one of my tassels split in the middle today during lunch!!!! now i don't know what to do!! should i
    1) tear apart the remaining unsplit part of my tassels and leave the rest of the tassels untouched
    2) tear apart the remaining unsplit part of my tassels and tear open the rest of my tassels
    3) glue?!?! the split part back? using white glue?!
    what should i do?? i don't want to use my new tassels yet cos i just got my bag like a month ago!
  9. silly, how about just leaving your tassels alone?

    Kooba, I don't think that you should help the splitting of your tassels along. You might break the tassels that way and, well, I don't know that you'd like wonky-looking tassels.
  10. I like split tassels, too - luckily, because mine tend to split pretty quickly. Actually - that's not true with my lone City. It's the tassels on my Days that tend to split right away - that may have to do with how the style is carried. Anyway - I love the way the splits look, but I would let them occur naturally. I would worry about breakage trying to pull them apart.
  11. you could use some fabric glue (flexible glue) on the part that has split! I think several ladies here have done it before and I believe there is a tutorial thread with pictures and all about it! good luck :heart:
  12. I've never had any of my tassels split before, which is weird because I play with them all the time :shrugs:. I don't think I'd every intentionally split them- especially after what LP said.
  13. here's the tutorial on how to glue tassels:
  14. I leave mine to do it on their own. Two of my bags have split tassels.
  15. My tassels split! And I got so annoyed that I literally stopped using my bag for the past week!!!