I can't keep this auction on ebay! they just KEEP pulling it!

  1. I have an auction up on eBay, and TWICE they have pulled it! I just had to go through the vero tutorial, and it had NOTHING to do with my item! It said i could contact eBay, but i just keep getting form letters back from them, nothing specific to me!

    What do you ladies DO!?!?!?
  2. Try contacting live help. I always get excellent service.
  3. If it's Chanel don't bother relisting it, the Barney Fife's at Chanel will pull it again. They may suspend your account if you list a third time. I would contact a live person on eBay and explain the situation to them.
  4. there's nothing you can do until you get an okay from the VERO rep and eBay.
  5. I talked to someone on live help, hopefully it gets resolved for both of us.