I can't hold it in anymore...Check out my new Chanels!!

  1. I was trying to wait until I get my black jumbo (which is still on the way), but now that I think about it, Im not 100% sure why I was waiting!! Lol~, Ladies~come see my new babies!!!!!:yahoo:
    Red Jumbo flap with new chain & Beige GST with gold hardware!!!


  2. Hehe~I've shortened the chains inside with a ribbon so the bag falls in the right place...

  3. u look gorgeous!!! congatsss...i love the red jumbo:heart::yahoo:
  4. [​IMG]
  5. OMG, you're rockin' that red Jumbo! And I love the color combo of the beige/gold GST. It's the only GST I like with gold h/w. It wouldn't look right with silver. Congrats!!

    ETA you're rockin' BOTH bags! I just saw the other pics.
  6. Your four bags are the most gorgeous Chanels I have ever seen!:heart: Congrats!!:yahoo:
  7. BEEEEAAAAUUUUTIFULL!!!!!!!!! :nuts:

    I love EVERYTHING in your collection!

    You're two new bags are a perfect new addition!

    I LOOOVE your j12 also!
  8. Ahh!! :nuts: Soo gorgeous, congrats!! :drool: :heart: I have and adore the red Jumbo... it's such a beautiful flap and you wear it so well!!! :love: The beige w/ gold GST is a really pretty combination as well and you're rockin' it girl... I'm glad you were able to find another one too, yay!! :tup: Enjoy your new babies... your Chanel family is totally droolworthy!! :drool:
  9. i love your red jumbo.. is it impossible to get one right now? may i ask where did you get yours? i'm deciding between the jumbo or gst.. which one should i get?
  10. Gorgeous, gorgeous, GORGEOUS!!!
    Love your Alexander McQueen scarf too.
    You so rock your Chanel (and pretty much every designer I've seen you model)
    That red jumbo is exquisite!
  11. Awwww~~thank you:heart: Amour, roey, Glamazon Huntress, Drea90, fieryfashionist, chanel_85, sratsey!!!
  12. Awwww, Q!!! The red jumbo looks sooooooo gorgeous on you!!!!! LOVES!!!!

    The Beige GST is not so shabby either. Very nice growing collection you got there.
  13. OMG..U soooo rock the red jumbo..I want it in red too..LOL....Congrats..all yer bags are TDF!!!!!!!!!!!!
  14. the red jumbo is TDF!!! congrats Q! They are all lovely!!:heart:
  15. Ohhh congrats!! I love both of your new bags!! :biggrin::biggrin: I wonder if the Jumbo is heavy too??