I cant have both but i NEED both

  1. Hi All,

    Right i NEED a filofax and I NEED a messenger type bag. Which do i get as i can't afford both at the moment with the shop opening.??:confused1:
  2. :confused1::confused1:I really don't mean to sound stupid, but tell me what a filofax is???

    I am sure that I will be able to hear the sounds of laughter from across the Atlantic....
  3. organiser type diary
  4. Oh - thanks!!! Well, eenie, meenie miney mo, get both!!!! Can you get to an outlet???

    Write it off as a business expense!!!::okay:
  5. i am going on saturday to beciester. think i might but really shouldn't
  6. An Alfie?? £197 in the outlets,possibility for you,and they do have filofaxes in the outlets too,oh dear!!![​IMG]
  7. I'll have a messenger,if he brings it!!!![​IMG]
  8. I would get the messenger bag and a cheap day planner and then buy the Mulberry planner when you have the funds for it...
    I always prioritize the bags over anything else :lol:
  9. The Alfie looks great in that colour :love: - what is it? It looks grey.. or is it light olive/khaki?
  10. chaz

    You always get it right thats lovley off to phone mulberry at Beciester now.

    Do u know what colour that is?? Do i get Becks for the £197?? wouldn't that be a result!!!
  11. You might get Becks but Posh would be right behind!!! eeeeek!!!:nuts::nuts::nuts:
  12. Beicester have the Alfie in choc/oak/khaki and it's £197 and one on rio leather for £297. Whats rio leather??
  13. Wonder what bag that is-not one of Posh`s Hermes?

    Looks good though!!
  14. The Ayler bag is in rio leather. It's like glove leather rather than the rugged finish of darwin.
    I'd get the messenger bag but I'd compromise for now with a cheaper organiser. I have a Mulberry one that I've had for years but if you wait until the summer sale you can pick them up at the outlets for brilliant prices (around £60). I wouldn't buy one now while the prices are higher. Could you make do with a non Mulberry one until then??
    If you want a tiddly tiny Mulberry one I have one I no longer use that I'd be happy to send you.
  15. Ok looks like i will be having a next or wh smith organiser. I tried to work a mulberry organiser and a paul smith buisness card holder into my buisness plan but the accountant wouldn't have it!! Meany!!

    Sara jane thank you for the offer very sweet but i wouldn't take anything off you.