I Can't Hang Out...

  1. with you all anymore!

    You are such enablers!!!!!

    I have placed two orders in the past three days. I am planning on a trip to the outlet to see what I can score. :wtf: I am praying that the outlet has legacy stripe stuff. I want a beret. I want a scarf. I want a sweater for the puppy that I don't own. I want charms!

    You all are going to send me to the poorhouse!
  2. You can get a sweater for my puppy! LOL I did not see them at the Dawsonville Outlet.

    Picture of Puppy modeling sweater, anyone????
  3. LOL I know the feeling! I have become hooked on Legacy. Hurts so good ... ;)
  4. decocritter, what kind of dog do you have? He's adorable!!!
  5. I agree about the enabling!

    If it weren't for these forums I wouldn't buy so many purses!
  6. This place is definitely full of enablers- when I discovered this forum, I had maybe 4 Coach bags. I now have 15 (and it hasn't even been a year)!
  7. I get to see pictures up close of bags I didn't really thought much about and then after that, I decide that I LOVE it. We're all enablers here. :yes: Just so many pretty bags!
  8. I have to agree with you. *L* Pretty soon bf will take my computer away, I know it. I ordered the signature stripe tote in punch today, and the matching wristlet. They should be here in a couple days.
  9. MickMick, I see you live in St. L. What outlet are you going to? The Lake?

    If so, they didn't have anything too spectacular when I was there on Saturday. Sometimes they get in some really great items but the SAs are very close to a few shoppers and will set aside items for them and the normal shopper will never see them. Make sure to ask if they have anything special.
  10. i snatched up the only one at dawsonville! ;)
  11. I hear you... I am desperately trying to keep to the "one in, one out" philosophy... It's so hard though!! Alas, I sat in a pile of bags this morning (many of which still have tags on BTW :sad: ) and picked out the first ones to be listed on eBay and what the second wave will be...

    I don't even have that many!! I just don't have alot of storage space in our closet and can't get any additional furniture to hold bags until I get the job thing straightened out... Otherwise I think DH would blow a gasket.
  12. yes this place is full of enablers, when i first came on i only owned one coach item, now i have drawers full!
  13. Yep, I am going to the Lake (if weather permits). But I am debating because I am going to Orlando in three weeks. There are TWO outlets there. :wlae:

    I am glad that I am not the only person that is easily influenced.
  14. True, true that we are all enablers. My own closet is overflowing and more is on the way. But where else can you hang out and get 100% positive encouragement, support, great advice and more? :shame:
  15. Coach is a addiction, Welcome to the club!

    I have made 2 coach purchases this week and I am hoping to win a pair of shoes on eBay in the wee hours I guess I will either get up and see if I win or wait until the am!!