I can't go wrong with a GST, right?? I have been

  1. hunting for a brown bag forever. My :heart: is in exotics, but, I want to really wear this bag and my SA called to tell me she has the deep brown (and bordeaux for that matter) GST with silver hardware and she thinks it will really fit my life (2 little kids). I have never been over the moon for the GST and the boxy fit doesn't look great on me, but it is such a classic and couldn't be a "bad" purchase, yes? I am thinking I will be really glad if I just try it.
  2. I love mine but if you think it's too boxy then no you will not like it. It is the perfect every day bag IMO but not if you don't like boxy!
  3. Don't buy a $2K bag just b/c its brown, if you are not totally fine with the boxy shape wait and look for something else.
  4. I love the GST-it is a great everyday tote-holds alot and has a zippered section which is important in an everday bag! Try one on for size-u may b surprised!
  5. The thing is, you have to love it both on you and off you. I personally feel the GST is a useful, practical bag but I love boxy totes and deal with the nuances of carrying them.
  6. The 2 straps did not stay on my shoulder at all. One was constantly falling off. I had to cross one strap over the other. Just thought you should know this, especially if your shoulders are narrow.
  7. Almost bought it....but it was too boxy for me. I thought it felt awkward under my arm. I tortured myself over this bag and even lost sleep. How bad is that!! It is such a popular and much LOVED and desired bag. But I finally realized that not every bag is for everyone. I can live with that now. LOL
  8. The PST is less boxy on me, I like the bigness of the GST but the feeling of wearing the PST if that makes sense:smile:
  9. I totally half agree.....with the first part. Unfortunately I am still trying to live with that great realization you had that it is not for me!
  10. There are so many other awesome styles...go try on a bunch and find the one that wows you!!
  11. what did you decide?
  12. i think the best way to find out if that bag's for you is to try it on if possible. that way you can really tell if that bag looks good on you, and whether you're comfortable carrying it! :yes:
  13. Well give it a try on in the store. However, don't buy it just because everyone likes it. If you don't feel comfortable wearing it because it's too boxy, don't force yourself to get it. You want a bag you'll love.
  14. I like the GST for work as it's great for carrying A4 documents. But yeah it is a boxy bag and may need some getting used to.
  15. What about a N/S Modern Chain tote in brown? Much softer...