I can't go wrong with a Grand Shopping Tote, right??

  1. I think I am going to call my SA today and get her on the hunt for a navy one.
  2. no cant go wrong
  3. Hi Leem! I think it would make for a perfect everyday bag! Good luck with the hunt!
  4. Absolutely correct! You can do no wrong with a GST!
  5. ohhh 'tis the perfect everyday bag....no wrong can be done with it...............i am asking to be buried with mine lol
  6. No no no no. It's the perfect bag for everyday. Good luck with your search.
  7. I love my GST. I keep my wallet, etc. in the center and the accessibles in either side. I also keep a book with me (the GST is great for that) for car pool lines, doctor's offices, etc.
  8. that bag is a great neutral.
  9. What Maxaluna50 said! It is great for organization, not to mention super durable, gorgeous to look at, and the most Chanel bag for the money! I couldn't find a navy and bought black with silver hardware instead.
  10. Oh you are SO lucky. My SA couldn't find me one with silver :crybaby:

    That will go perfectly with EVERYTHING! Modeling picts please!
  11. Navy would be awesome - what color hardware?

    Your tempting me to get one :devil: too!
    Yes...we must see pics!
  12. navy comes w/ silver:drool: Can't go wrong!
  13. Can't go wong at ALL. I love it..and for those times I have to take my laptop, it fits in it with support & protection. So it's not only beautiful but study and versatile as well. I just got my mom the petit shopper because she liked it so much but she's teeny so she wanted the smaller one..
  14. No way!! You definitely need a GST!!! and navy is gorgeous!
  15. does anyone know where to find a black grand shopping tote (preferably with gold hardware)? i've called just about everywhere (chanel, Neimans, Saks), but the ladies at Saks weren't too helpful :sad: