I can't get the white Mini Novak out of my head!

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  1. I was shopping a couple weeks ago with my mom when I saw the mini novak in white leather at Nordstrom. I was instantly in love! I hadn't felt like that for a really long time. But it's $1095 and I couldn't justify asking for a white purse that expensive, since knowing me, it'd turn brown after a month! But it's exactly what I was looking for this season - white, leather, structured/non-slouchy. It's only been a day since I ordered the large Muse in tan (can't wait for it to come!), but I'm still yearning for the white novak. Do you think it's worth it? Would it be hard to keep clean? I also tend to stay away from major "it" status bags, which I don't think includes the novaks ...yet. I wish I had a pic to show you guys how cute it is!
  2. NAP has it in black. it is really cute, i haven't seen the white one yet.
  3. I don't think many of the "mini" bags are worth it. I would hold out for a a regular sized one. The Novak is awesome!!!
  4. It's really cute, but it's not a lot of bag for your buck. I'd probably just look for another white bag to fall in love with.
  5. ooh.. i llove mini bags... i have seen the white mini novak at selfridges.. it's really beautiful.. they had all 3 colors on display, in a glass showcase!