I can't get on to eluxury.com

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  1. even when I try through this site's ad links. I'm not having any trouble w/ internet otherwise.

    Am I the only one? I've been having this trouble since last weekend.

  2. Eluxury.com was down over the weekend for updates, etc. But I just logged on now--might want to try again.
  3. Seems to working now....
  4. I was gone all day but just tried several different ways, even through my Mr. Rebates acct and I still can't get on. Every other site I've tried; no problem.:hysteric:

    I have an apple computer with safari browser. Wonder if they've changed something that doesn't work w/ my apple? :wtf:
  5. Thanks, Jane. I tried firefox, same thing. Could log onto other sites, but not elux. Says "server is taking too long to respond." Really weird!!
  6. Same thing is happening to me also. I have tried everything! It is soo frustrating.
  7. Wow, Becca, so I am not in a time warp!! :sad: Or we both are......yikes!
  8. Update:

    Can get onto elux just fine at work (Dell computer.) At home, w/ my apple computer (one year old) I can no longer get on the website at all. This was never a problem until last weekend.

    I have tried two browsers -- firefox and safari. I think it stinks -- they have obviously done something to their website that makes it impossible (?) for apple computer users to access. At least that's how it seems to me.

    Does anyone have an apple w/ os X and can still get on elux? Thanks!
  9. I'm on Apple OS X 10.4.7 babes and it works on Safari and Firefox fine. Check your computer - run DiskUtility and restart. It'll work fine then. :yes:
  10. Hey, I was just directed to this thread. I have a mac os X and can't get onto the site. Man, what's going on here. I hope they fix it. I may have to call them to let them know.

  11. I just did that and restarted. Still doesn't work. Thanks for being so helpful, though. I give up. :hysteric:
  12. Same here! Ever since they updated their system. I've tried internet explorer and firefox, not working. Not even through links. I have a dell pc with a yahoo browser. Don't know what they did but they've lost alot of business and probably don't even know! Can't even call because can't link to their customer service. Sooooo frustrating!
  13. I'm wondering if we should let Vlad or Megs know since elux advertises on this site -- Vlad has an apple -- wonder if he can still get on?

    I get on w/ my dell at work just fine though. This is so weird. :sad:
  14. I have a iMAC G4 ,and eLuxury is working for me :graucho: ,just orderd new LV bag comming next week :wlae: :yahoo: :nuts: :wlae: :yahoo:
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