I can't get my eyelashes to curl!!

  1. All my friends have tried curling my eyelashes, but it's impossible!! I have yet to ask a beauty expert at Sephora but even then I don't know they can do it.

    I'm asian, so I have short (and I mean SHORT) sparse lashes. Is it possible?? Is there hope for me? I would gladly appreciate any tips!

    Thank you!
  2. Hi awong ..... for curling your eyelashes... I curl in 3 different areas... 1st closest to your eyelid.. (w/o pinching your eyelids) count to 10.. then once in the middle than another crimp at the end. (all counting to 10) I have short asian eyelashes as well.. and by curling only in one area of the eyelash...just leaves a little dent for me, SO by curling all 3 areas of the lash will make a nice curl. Hope that helps~! ;)
  3. Mine don't curl either, and I've had countless professionals try everything from their trick book. I have very short and very sparse Asian lashes. They're almost nonexistent. I've tried everything: different mascaras and curlers, lash extensions (pretty and natural-looking, but VERY high-maintenance and expensive), and I've also had a lash perm (you could tell they were curled, but only with a magnifying glass!).

    At this point, I'm tired of futzing with my lashes and just focus on shading and lining my eyes properly so they look defined. My lashes are just too darn short and thin to be of any use. I figure that if I *really* want my lashes to look nice, it'd probably be for a dressy occasion, in which case I'd just get false eyelashes. :smile:
  4. I can't offer much help but if you've tried everything possible and it still doesn't work, why not just stick on fake lashes for the moment, at least, till you find a better solution? I still don't know how to put them on myself, :p but I've seen my friends do it all the time and they look gorgeous! :yes:
  5. My lashes are short and straight too. The best thing I've ever done to curl them is "perming". But you've to go to a professional to have it done. The beautician rolled up my lashes on special tiny cotton roll, then applied the perming gel, after 10 minutes a liquid solution was applied to enhance the curves and would stay for another 10 minutes. Rinsed and done! The results stayed for around 3 months.
  6. Have you tried the shu uemura eyelash curler? My sister also has extremely short eyelashes... she's been using revitalash and her lashes have grown abit. I've used the Jan Marini eyelash enhancer and my lashes have grown too. It works.
  7. I have heard the Jan Marini stuff is great.
  8. have u tried a heated eyelash curler? I think sephora carries one..or maybe you should try getting eyelash extensions..not sure if it really helps though
  9. HubbaWubba... it works great. Everyone I know who has used it, loves it. You could really tell the difference in growth too.
  10. Mine are impossible to curl also they point straight down. i read in a magazine to heat up the eyelash curler by blowing on it with your mouth and then curling them that way...and to be honest its whats been working for me. after curling them i use maybelline's clear mascara. they stay curled all day.
  11. I have long lashes but I am Asian so I'm a victim of the thin kind. Usually my lashes just stick out if I don't curl them... what I do is use a blow dryer and warm up my curler (If it helps I use the Sheisedo curler) and then curl.
  12. I have seen a video of before and after people using the JM stuff. I just can't bring myself to splurge on it at about $140. Which is strange because I spend on everything else.
  13. Try the Shu Uemura eyelash curler? ITS THE BEST! and because I too am asian with asian eyelashes, I use a blowdryer and heat it up a little and let it cool for a few secs and then curl them. I also curl them first closest to the eyelid and LITTLE by LITTLE I move up tot he tip of my lashes. Heating it really helps though, it stays curly the WHOLE day!
  14. Yep this is just what I was going to say.. heat up the curler with a hairdryer or with hot water even to help hold the curl. Hopefully you can get some curl in there to last a day!
  15. Try this combo (both products by Shiseido); their eyelash curler followed by the Lasting Lift mascara. Works wonders for my lashes!