I Can't Get It Right! Now I Know: 04 0r 03 White City Pewter Hardware

  1. I AM SO DISGUSTED AT MYSELF!!!!! I LOVE the leather on my 03 weekender and i love the pewter hardware, but I finally had to say 'THIS BAG IS TOO BIG!!!':crybaby:

    The first is too small, the twiggy too long, weekender too big, so it must be the city i am destined to have.

    But I LOVE THE 03/04 LEATHER WITH PEWTER!!!!!!!!!!! I especially love the white/gray; but how often does a bag like that become available?

    Any suggestions guys?????????

  2. Hey Julie! Don't get discouraged quite yet - Powderpuff scored one a few weeks ago, and Amour sold hers - so they do come up. Getting what you want is worth the wait :smile:
  3. thanks slinks, but it is hard!!!!!!!i have all these beautiful pristine bags, but they just aren't exactly right like i thought they would be......


    Thanks again slinks!!:yes:
  4. Oh my goodness, julie....:wtf:

    you don't love it, it's too big??? Noooooo..........
  5. I KNOW BELLA!!!!!!!!!!!! i :heart: it!!! The leather, the hardware, the silky feel, but i can't get it to fit over my shoulder and i feel like santa claus carrying a truck load of presents!!!

    I am a big girl (5'10, 175 pds, shhhhhhhh), but i feel awkward with this bag!!:crybaby:

    Where is the city in this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. Oh noooo.....

    i personally don't think weekender is too big for u (or for anyone in that matter) good luck finding ur city!!!

    cheer up....u'll find ur perfect size bbag soon :smile:
  7. I agree Julie. I think the weekender is way too big except for travel. I felt funny with it. The City is perfect. Not to big, not too small, just right. I scored one on eBay and so did Deco. Keep watching, one will turn up. Deco and I both posted pictures of ours in the picture section. Both of ours are more ivory than gray. I heard the '07 white is more grayish than previous seasons. Good luck. I will let you know if I see one on ebayor elsewhere.
  8. OMG :roflmfao: :roflmfao: :roflmfao:
  9. :lol: