I CAN'T focus!!

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  1. Okay, so I have this HORRIBLE take home exam.. I need to write like 20 pages :huh: I can not for the LIFE of me focus. I'm going skiing/snowboarding for a week with my family and I wanted to get quite a bit of it done before I leave (leaving tomorrow morning EARLY :wacko: ).. So here I am, I've only written 3 pages so far and I CANNOT FOCUS!!:cry: :blink: Seriously, all I'm doing is checking out bags, posting on here (I think I've made 30 posts just today :shame: ).. I have also found gifts for my brides maids and my toast madames today :lol:

    Somebody PLEASE kick my ass :Push: Do you guys have this problem as well? I don't think I'm ever on the forums as much as I am when I have an exam or a paper to work on LOL. And I keep finding excuses to leave the computer.. like "oh, I need tea" then five mins later "no, tea doesn't cut it, lets make coffee".. then it's time to eat.. the list goes on :P

    Help :sick:
  2. Oh.. and I don't know how much time I've spent looking through my LV agenda and admiring my wallet.. :shame: They're on my desk and they distract me, I love them so much :love:
  3. Damn, now my mom is making cinnabuns and the whole house smells like heaven :mad: HOW am I supposed to focus in this kind of environment?? :Push:
  4. rofl Swedie!! I'm sorry but there's no way you're going to be able to focus! I'm like that when I have a major assignment too, I'm checking purseblog every 5 minutes to see which new topic I can respond to, haha!

    Hopefully I'm not distracting you though :P

    Oh yea and I can never focus again until like two hours before class. For my past two essays, I didn't finish until 10 minutes before class. :shame:
  5. MmMM cinnabuns! share some with me please =)
  6. Ok-Now I am hungry!!!!
  7. Jen, I guess there's no hope for me :lol: I'm glad I'm not alone with this problem though LOL. Last night I got into a work mode and got my focus face on, well my fiance called and yep, I lost it..:suspiciou

    Jill, shhh! I'm trying to avoid temptation here, I have a wedding gown to get into soon :wacko: You can have some though, my mom makes the best cinnabuns in the world ;)
  8. Do you think you can go to a friends or something like that to break away from your normal environnement?
    Or perhaps tell your family that you NEED to be able to concentrate?
  9. Swedie-Just shove the cinnabon thru the motem....I am waiting........!!!!!!!

    PS- I cant wait to hear about your wedding! I am going on 10 years with my hubby-Seems like a MILLION years ago!( I am an old fart at 35!)
  10. Lol, if I go to a friends house I'll get even less done, trust me :lol: And my family aren't really buggin me, this is all my own fault :shame:

    Thanks so much though, I appreciate you trying to help :love:

    I know I'll be fine with this paper, I always make it in the end. It's not due until Thursday, I just wanted to get lots done before leaving tomorrow.

    Okay ladies, I'm seriously putting the focus face on now :evil: You will NOT see me here until much much later!
  11. Okay, it's coming :biggrin: might be a little squished though :P

    I will start a wedding thread when it gets closer to share all my bridal stuff ;) :love:

    Okay, FOCUS FACE!!! :evil:
  12. When I can't get started on a big project, I try to break it down into small increments. Try this: tell yourself you'll concentrate on it for just 15 minutes and set a timer. When the time is up, see if you can do another 15 minutes. I find this technique really works when I find myself feeling overwhelmed by a project or task, or when I am procrastinating.
  13. I know just what you mean. When I have homework that I just cannot get "into" I'll use anything as an excuse not to do it. :smile: I ended up taking some of my homework with me, when I went to Disney World last October. I worked on it on the plane ride, and at night when we came back to the hotel. It worked out pretty well, but I was there with children, and not going anywhere at night.
  14. I have a 10 page research paper on Ethical Relativism (????) due monday and I only have 3 pages, plus I ran out of things to write. I'm a nursing major, I don't care about the deontological theory of Kat!!!!

    & here I am posting in your thread.
  15. Hmmm... When is it due? I usually tend to work on it a little bit a time. Usually, though, in my university if a paper is like 20 pages they usually give like a week or two before it's due. So, I usually work on it a bit every day of the week and proof read/ edit on the weekends.