I can't find two rare Chanel bags!

  1. Hi ladies. I've searched in the forum and can't find twobags. One is called "soft chain pochette". I saw a picture somewhere, maybe another forum, and I can't find it again! Second bag is a goregous pink/multicolor tweed with glitter bag I saw in Saks last year or before that!

    If anyone has pics/price, that'd be great.:yes:


    EDIT: SORRY, FOUND SOFT CHAIN POCHETTE BELOW! Still need to find glitter tweed bag!
  2. i think there's thread on soft chain pochette started by jill and selena :yes:
  3. Thanks, I did find the pic of the soft chain pochette, it's adorable and under $1000! But I still want to find that glitter pink tweed bag from last year or year before.

    Does Chanel archive old bags, so there is way to buy a discontinued bag (aside from the obvious, eBay)??


  4. i have no idea :sad:
    g luck on ur search
  5. haha i tried getting my sa to find the soft and chain lastnite...such a "deal" for being under a grand. lol

    i need it!
  6. The Soft Chain Pochette shouldn't be hard to find, right? Is it new and still in stores? I may buy it when I go to Paris, it's one of the candidates! :yes:
  7. soft and chain pochette was ONLY ordered by Neiman Marcus.