i can't find this bag anywhere! Help a fellow coach admirer. =/

  1. I am really desperate for this bag. I heard it's continued but a lot of the ppl at my school have it. I'm even up to getting one on eBay if anyone can find it. (any color is fine, preferably black) xxxxxxxxx I am totally in love with this bag and really really really wanted it.

    [​IMG](coach hamptons weekend large tote)
  2. Fake bags are incredibly taboo on this site. I doubt you'll find anyone willing to help you find a fake.
  3. IMO, fake is not the way to go. :nogood:

    Try searching for it on eBay and post your finds in the Authenticate This thread so other members can try to authenticate it for you.

    Be patient... There's no feeling like the feeling you get when you finally get your hands on a bag that you have lusted over for some time! :yahoo:

    Good luck! :yes:
  4. Yeah, don't ask about fakes here. These froum is for authentic items only.

    Try the outlets for an authentic one.
  5. WoW That bag has a beautiful blue color! I :heart: Blue!
  6. Yeah I'm not a supporter of fakes either...but i'm so desperate for this gorgeous bag. =/ I've checked with the coach stores and the outlets but no luck. =(

  7. The fake one will not be gorgeous so I would keep checking ebay and one might show up.. I think it's your best bet.

    Did you look at the blue one? It's lovely.. and a good price!
  8. Taralindsey-i really just like that one because i wanted to use it for travelling and especially for school so i need a bag that will fit lots of books and such. And i've been eyeing ebay for 2-3 weeks and no luck. =/

  9. Keep looking. A fake will not look as good and/or last as long. You will be disappointed in the end. It's best to just stay positive and be patient. The holidays are here so I'm sure a lot of bags will be appearing on eBay.
  10. lol! I knew the coach people here would kill you! Jk, just look around ebay or something or go to outlets. You won't die from not buying a bag you like would you?
  11. That one is from 2004. Outlets and ebay are your only hope.