I can't find the N/S Cloudy Bundle Tote anywhere!

  1. I called the Chanel boutique, NM and Saks to track down the N/S Cloudy Bundle Tote. I was told by all the SAs that the bags are long gone. :crybaby:Has anyone seen the bag anywhere? Please help!
  2. It will be hard to find, this is a 2006 bag. Good luck in your search!
  3. I called everywhere and couldn't find one. I was lucky enough to find the E/W black cloudy bundle though and it's adorable! Best of luck w/your search.
  4. I know Saks in Boca Raton have the ovile color.Here is the phone # 561-393-9100.Ask Sonia, she is great!!! :smile: She found one for me.
  5. Try Hirshleifer's in NY. They might have the beige/white color. Good luck.
  6. I should have mentioned I only wanted it in black and it was sold out in that color. Hirshleifer's did have a N/S, can't remember the color, about a week ago when I called. I hope you find the color you're looking for!
  7. Thank you so much!!!!! I'm going to call now! :yahoo:
  8. Thanks culgal, Twinklette & everyone! I really do appreciate it!!:woohoo: