I can't find my serial number.....

  1. is there certain areas it is printed on??:sad2: ...I have the ALma and SPeedy`
  2. the Speedy is on one of the leather tabs thats inside, under the pocket
  3. The date code in the Alma should be sewn into the interior pocket.
  4. ^^Robbie! Your back!

    You crack me up with the date code/serial number thing :lol: I can just picture you sitting there yelling "DATE CODE! DATE CODE! DAMN IT!" :lol:

    I saw this thread and flew in here for a correction myself so I'm right there with you ;)

    MissV, don't be offended. I had to pick on Robbie about this b/c he's a stickler about his LV. Very knowledgable too!
  5. LOL! :biggrin::amuse: You're too cute!
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