I can't find my credit cards!!!

  1. I swear I had them somewhere!!! I'm not freaking out yet because I keep telling myself that they're somewhere in the house and since we're in the middle of moving, it's possible that my cc holder fell into some dark crevice somewhere...:crybaby:

    I want to go to bed but now I have to find them! Help! LOL!
  2. Oh no! I hope you find them and if you really can't, you should check your records and cancel! :sad:
  3. Ahhhh, I'm so sorry!! I hope you find them soon and that they're safe!
  4. 1- check if they are being used ( in case u forgot them seomwhere) if they are cancel them
    2- if not look everywhere and you might have just misplaces them ( im a scatterbrain) so give it another 24hours.. if nothing cancnel them anyway jsut in case
  5. I am so sorry. I hate when I lose things. Good luck gfinding them
  6. Gosh, I hope you find them! I can't imagine the feeling of losing all of them. I tend to lose things when I put them in a "safe place." So safe that I forgot where I put it!
  7. Did you find them Lanie?
  8. Call yer credit card co and make sure there are no new charges on them...just in case u misplaced them elsewhere.protect yourself!
  9. ^^^
    Yikes:shocked:...not good. But maybe they are misplaced with all the moving. I freak out if I misplace a credit card or any bank info. Just monitor them on line, if possible, to make sure no one is using them.
    Good luck and I hope you find them soon.:yes:
  10. i hope you find them!
  11. I hope u find them too! Like Babyboo said maybe you could check to make sure they havent fallen into anyone else's hands.
  12. Any news????