I can't find it- Help!

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  1. Hey everyone, after looking through the ref Library and countless other threads I still can not seem to find the style and color numbers for the Black GST with silver hardware! :hysteric: Can anyone help me out??? Thank so much ladies! :p
  2. I think Neiman Marcus in Stanford, CA still have it. Give them a call. Or call Chanel 1-800 number and ask them to locate one for you.
  3. Ladies??? :confused1: Does anyone know the numbers?? Please??:crybaby:
  4. Here you go:

    07P A20995Y01588
  5. Thanks so much, I was getting confused looking at some of the pic in the ref library! You're a life saver!:smile:
  6. You're welcome!

    When I was calling around to look for one, all I told them was style number A20995, in black leather and silver hardware, and they knew exactly what I was talking about.
  7. I have the Black GST with silver hardware and love it. Here is the information you were looking for. 07P A20995Y01588 Black 94305 SKU 3572618538543 Hope this helps you in your search! I saw them at the Neiman Marcus in San Francisco on Tuesday of this week.