I can't find a Kari???

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  1. Hi guys,

    I'm new to the MJ forums, and I've only had MJ flats and just recently bought a electric violet hiller! however I stumbled upon some pictures of the Kari and absolutely love it!!! There was one TPF member that posted pics of their Kari in Safron and it was to die for!!! I also saw a grey one online and love it, however I can't find any Kari's to purchase? was it only available in 2009? I'd love to own one!

    thanks for your help :smile:
  2. the kari wasn't re-released for resort nor will it be available s/s 10. your best bet is to call the boutiques to see if they're still available. nordstrom carried them. perhaps they're in the back or on a sales table somewhere? last resort are bonanzle and ebay. good luck!
  3. awww...boo..
    thanks for your help guys! :smile:
    I hope to find a grey one! :biggrin:
  4. aaannnd beb pulls through! and in a gorgeous color no less.
  5. omg!!! that is beautiful!!! and i just bought the violet dr.q hillier!!! ack!!!! if only i waited!!

    thanks for looking for me BEB :smile:
  6. No problem!:hugs: