I can't figure out which color Christy I have, help!

  1. I purchased what I thought was a natural Christy from the Nordies sale--the original tag (and dust bag!) had gone missing, so there was only an electronically printed tag that said the bag's color was natural.
    The color is a soft pale cream, kind of like ivory, but not so yellow. Edges are painted in a brownish-taupe, and the suede lining is medium-dark brown. The serial tag inside says RE07! :confused1: Is this maybe the sesame color? I think someone mistagged this bag, and now I'm not sure what color I have. It is beautiful though, and I got it at a great price!
  2. WOW! - Sounds like you may have the new yogurt color for resort 07. Cecilia2 has this bag. Maybe can PM & compare.