I can't ever make up my mind!

  1. Ok, I must seem like an idiot but now I really want a speedy 30 b/c I can't stop thinking about it!

    I have my popincourt that I just got, have yet to show pics but I might want the speedy more.

    I am scared to go back to the LV store here b/c they weren't really nice and I don't want to go back to return it.

    If I put in the marketplace for retail will anybody be willing to buy it?
  2. i'm sorry you didn't have a nice time at the LV store......if you're buying a luxury item you should expect impeccable service, and it sucks that you didn't get it.......

    that said, maybe if you go back at a different time you can return to different SA's who might be more pleasant......or if there's another LV boutique near you hopefully you can return it there......i think it'd probably be more of a hassle to sell it on the marketplace :sad2:......both bags are gorgeous tho :P
  3. Most LV stores give you 14 days to return/exchange it. Don't let the SA prevent you from practicing your rights. If you don't like the bag, go back and return it. Ask for the manager if you need to. Mostly the managers are nicer.
  4. Just curious -- did you go to the Neiman Marcus store in Minneapolis? I have yet to go there but it's the closest store to me (I'm in Iowa). Am hoping to make a trip very soon!

    Don't let a SA intimidate you. It's YOUR purchase, your money and you have every right to be 100% satisfied. I'd bring it back and be as sweet as can be regardless of anybody's attitude. ;)
  5. I went to the LV store in Marshall Fields. Does NM in MPLS have Louis Vuittons?

    I know that I have the right to but I don't want to get really nervous. It is horrible, I know!

    Seriously though the SA's in Lv at MPlS are no fun
  6. Don't ever let SAs dictate how you spend your money. Plus, if it's been a few days, and you didn't make a big stink/commotion, etc, when you were first there, the SAs prolly don't even remember you. Because people return things all the time. So no worries. March in there and get what you want! :amuse:
  7. Oh, my mistake! I know there is only one LV store in MN and it is Marshall Fields... I just bought a bag in Neiman Marcus but in San Antonio, so I have Neimans on my mind I guess.

    As a matter of fact, when I was in TX, I originally bought a Damier bag -- got it home and hated it. My mom and I got right back into the car and took it back and I just told them I was returning the Damier for a different one. Just changed my mind.

    They are used to it. You just paid a lot of money for that purse and you will most likely be making future purchases there. The SA's work for YOUR business. Just pack up that bag, don't think too hard on it and head back in for an exchange.
  8. Munchkyn, GO RETURN IT RIGHT AWAY! Don't be intimidated by some SA?! Swallow the pride and GO! Think about the humiliation later:lol: JK
  9. Go back and exchange or return it.