I can't even sleep....

  1. I've been up since 3 in the morning and very irritated. I went to LV yesterday to pick up my things (dune speedy, ivory speedy, ivory alma) that I had waitlisted for on my lunch break. My sa brought out the items for me to take a peek at while he was helping other customers. Unfortunately I had to go back to work already so I didn't have time to inspect the bags thoroughly and try them on in front of the mirror to see how it looks, so I told him I'd come back after work. I went back and he had already gone home for the day so another sa helped me. She said she couldn't find any of the items and that there was no hold under my name. I was PISSED. I've waited so long for these damn things to come out and they couldn't find it!!!! The worst thing was she tried to sell me the items herself and when I told her I'd just wait she rushed off to help somebody else and didn't even bother to ask another sa to go look for them. I must sound like such a baby, but damnit i want my stuff!
  2. That is very disappointing indeed :sad: I am sorry you had this awful experience. I hope it's just that your SA put them in a safe hiding spot tucked away for you!
  3. Sorry for that...OMG those bags are so delicious...
    I hope that your SA did hold the bags for you.
  4. try not to worry I'm sure they are tucked away some where. When I went for my pom heart purse the SA's told me they had none left dispite me confirming that they had one for me the day before I spoke to the manager (who I'd confirmed with) and she went out the back and came out with the purse. I'm sure it will all work out for you try calling them today
  5. How does the ivory look? which to get-the alm or the speedy(i wish i could get both)
    Help !!!!!
  6. I'd be mad too!!!
  7. I would so pissed. whats going to happen now? are they able to find the bags, or did they sell it someone else? how very annoying.
  8. I'm going later on today or tomorrow when my sa is there. As for which epi item I'm going to get, I'm not too sure now because the alma has that grayish-white soft fake suede lining and I didn't get a chance to look inside the speedy. I'm the type of person that really likes to "use" my bags. So I'm not too sure now. Mabye I'll just get the mini lin speedies in both colors? There was an ivory epi bag that had a big koala lock on it that was just absolutely delicious to look at, unfortunately it wasn't my style.
  9. sorry to hear that, hope everything works out when your sa returns.
  10. let us know how it goes, I agree it would be hard to sleep after that, especially after you chose such great items.
    look forward to hearing good news from you . . . .
  11. Good luck when you check again. Sometimes one SA doesn't know what another SA put on hold, if the items have been tagged as "sold" etc. so hopefully you'll get your LV's.
  12. Did you got to the Ala Moana store because I had a similar problem picking up a hold. The SA (wasn't mine either--she was HORRIBLE!) had to go back and forth three times. On the third time she finally said that "special" holds are held somewhere else.

    Anyway, good luck. I am planning on heading down there this afternoon myself for some retail therapy.
  13. That's just plain rude! Did you talk to a manager? If not, I'd ask to speak w/ one the next time you go back.
  14. The same thing happend to me with my Pomme heart.

    However, I'm still mad about the fact that I was shown the entire clear garbage bag full of their shipment of Pomme Inclusion items (Speedy keyrings, cell charms, you name it) before they were able to be purchased. Yet nothing was held for me despite the fact that I've been on the list since December. Now a month after their launch, I still don't have my pieces.:cursing:

    Anyway, to the OP I hope you get your pieces soon!
  15. that sucks! Sorry to hear that.