I can't do this by myself...I need your HELP!!

  1. I WANT a red 35 Birkin: I think most of you know this by now:rolleyes: (HG, you don't need to read or answer this thread, or your:cursing: might reach me all the way here!!!LOL) Anyway, my problem is the following:

    I cannot decide between Clemence in rouge garance (which is a store order for the coming season so I don't have to PO) I love the color but I would prefer a smooth leather and lighterweight. Or placing a PO in Febuary for a Box rouge H, which is my favourite leather but again, I would prefer a brighter red.....Please give me all your thoughts and opinions, since it's been months' now that I have this dilemma, and I just cannot solve it.....Thanks a lot!!!!:cutesy:
  2. I think vermillon is a pretty bright red, but I don't think it'd be as red in box. How about in chevre? That's pretty lightweight and smooth.
  3. I have a rouge vif in clemence that is 5 yrs old and i have to say out of all my bags it has a special place in my heart.... but if clemence is not your thing what about vache ligee or cherve...i know people are not mad about epson but have i look at the sac en vie that has now been returned in the thread " my bro has posted pics" it was a beautiful colour and it was not plastiky at all...:smile:
  4. Pr1nc, unfortunately I don't like Vermillion much, as it has that orange undertone; I prefer reds with blue undertones....rouge vif would be another option, but the're hardly doing it at the moment...As for Chevre, I blush saying this, but I'm one of the few here who doesn't like it......:sweatdrop: You see, it's not easy...!

    Birkin-girl: I love Clemence, one of the reasons I would like a smooth leather is that I have 4 bags in clemence, 2 of which are Birkins! That's why I want to change to a smooth leather, and also for the weight. I have a box Birkin which is much lighter than my clemence ones.....If there was rouge garance in box, I wouldn't have any doubts.... I can't decide whether I should give priority to leather rather than the shade of red (therefore box rouge H) or priority to color rather than leather.....
  5. Do nothing.
    Your mind is too full to think clearly!
  6. How about rouge vif in Chevre??.. i'm crazy about 24F birkin.. I LOVE IT..
  7. Can they do another red in box??
  8. Duna, what about rouge garance in swift?:shrugs: It is smooth, gorgeous and lightweight! It is a bit like clemence in the slouch factor, so the shape of the Birkin would be similar to what you wanted in the first place. Do you like veau swift?
  9. okay, i take back my "do nothing" after ninja sue's enabling,
    my oh my! you are a magician ninja!!!!!!:supacool:
  10. I wish I were a color expert. I can look at a red lipstick and can tell whether it is a or warm red.

    Hermes reds ?

    Rouge H - blue undertones ?
    Vif - orange ?
    Braise - orange ?
    Garrance - blue ?

    Are blue and orange the only choices ?

    Help ! :confused1:
  11. Duna, how about Rouge Garance or Rouge VIF in Swift? (if Hermes has these colors in Swift)
  12. Arcangel, I aim to please!:supacool:

    HermesLady, so nice to see you! I think rouge garance, like rouge vif, has bluish undertones. Vermillon has orange undertones like a ripe Jersey tomato. Rouge H has brownish undertones like an great vintage claret. At least that is how these colors look to me!
  13. Ninja Sue, Gigi: I love swift, but it only comes in vermillion :sad:The reds I would consider are vif, garance and H. Braise is gorgeous but comes only in croc....

    Maybe I should do as Angie says, forget about it...but I can't; the more difficult it is, the more I want it...:rolleyes:
  14. Duna, I really feel for you! I have beat things to death. Rouge H is gorgeous in box, but if you are looking for that WOW red...you will not get it with this. I really thing you need to stay away from clemence...you have too much. I have thought about it here and can't really think of a combo that can work for you. Just step away a bit and give it a little time.