I can't do it

  1. After much deliberation, I have decided to keep my '02 Pebbled FBF for now! :yahoo:I just can't sell it now. It's just too beautiful! :heart: I decided that I don't really need the money right now and I know I can always sell it in the future if I need to. So for now, I'm gonna ENJOY my gorgeous bag! YAY! :nuts:
  2. Here she is again: :love:

  3. You crack me up! You probably would have regreted later. It is such a collectors piece. Good choice.
  4. Oh thank goodness! I've been eyeing up your auction all weekend, as the pebbled fbf is one of my HG's. So you've just saved me $1,500.

    Also, congrats - she's a real beauty!
  5. I wore her yesterday when I was pretty sure I was gonna keep her, and I felt like a QUEEN all day! It's the only first I have and the size is sooooo perfect. Everytime I passed a window or mirror, I just had to look. :lol:
  6. Can you wear it messenger style?
  7. I think shes perfect and Im really glad that you kept her as shes a rare beauty! Enjoy her!!!!
  8. I know how you feel. Good decision. She may have felt abandoned if you sold her. :crybaby:

  9. I was looking at this auction as well... enjoy her!
  10. Yay! I think you made the right decision. If you're agonizing that intensely over selling something, it probably means you should hang on to it (at least for now). It's such a classic, beautiful bag!
  11. I don't blame you for hanging on to her:yes: she really is special, and it will increase in value!
  12. damn you, woman! i hate you. i wanted that bag! :p LOL, i'm only kidding. (well, not about the wanting part. hehe.)

    you made the right choice! it's a gorgeous bag and you would have regretted it. but do let me know if you go stupid and decide to sell. :p
  13. i'm glad you are able to keep her, she's a beauty!
  14. I'm glad you're keeping her. She's so special, and you know you'd regret it later if you had sold it.

    I'll never sell my 02 flat brass black first!
  15. Happy for your decision. She's gorgeous. Congrats!