I can't decide!

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  1. Hello all

    I know there have been many posts about the lambskin or caviar debate, but this is my first chanel bag purchase and I want to do it right! I am between a lambskin medium classic flap with gold HW and the caviar medium classic flap with gold HW

    The guy at chanel was telling me that he sees the lambskin as a short-term purchase because it scratches so easily while the caviar bag lasts a long time.

    I just love the feel of the lambskin, but I don't want to have to be so careful.... that why I am leaning toward caviar

    any suggestions, thoughts? sorry for being so repetitive to the other threads, just wanna get it right ! :smile:
  2. Caviar for a worry-free bag; lambskin for a luxurious bag that you will need to care for. That being said, I have found that lambskin is not as fragile as it looks and the look is worth the extra babying. :smile:
  3. also depends on the color of the bag u want, for me, beige lambskin appears more luxurious than beige caviar, however, in black, i would get caviar because it will be more practical for me
  4. get the caviar
  5. While most of my C's are lambskin and I agree with what was said that it's not as fragile as a lot of folks think, if you want to carry this purse day in and day out, not in rotation with something else, then go caviar. I, too, love the feel, the look of lambskin. Caviar doesn't hold a candle to lamb in that respect. Whichever you decide, invest in some cream protectant by Luvinmybags (no, I don't own the company).
  6. lambskin is everything you could want and more!
  7. LOVE my caviar when I need to go worry-free.. for example..

    - possible inclement weather
    - I'll be around children who may have sticky fingers
    - The food might be messy.. a bbq, pasta night, stuff like that
    - I'm going to a bar or a party where there might be a lot of drinking and spilling

    I'll carry my lambskin if I'm going to the theater, fine dining, church, that sort of thing

    I know lambskin is durable, but I do worry and sometimes, I'd just rather not
  8. going for black!
  9. Honestly, there is no right or wrong answer here. Get what will make you happy.
  10. it comes down to preference. IMO, Lambskin is very beautiful!
  11. There's definitely no right or wrong when getting a Chanel, it really depends on your preference as others mention earlier. Lambskin is considered luxurious while caviar is more known for 'durability'. If you don't mind babying it a little more then caviar, then I say get the lambskin. Good luck deciding nonibear!!
  12. If you're going to be carrying it everyday, I would go for caviar. If it's a special occasion bag, go for lambskin.
  13. If you love the lambskin....go with the lambskin. I have 3 lambskin Chanels and have not had any problem with them..I carry my black lambskin camera bag often as my most used everyday bag and it looks great. After one year and a lot of use, just the other day, I rubbed it with a little leather cleaner and conditioner and it looks like new. So, for me that was just 5 minutes of "maintenance" after a year of use.....not bad :smile:.
  14. If would say caviar over the lambskin!
  15. lambskin is gorgeous!