I cant decide!!

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  1. Im going to get my MBMJ bag tomorrow and i cant decide which one to get.

    Im stuck between the Totally Turnlock Natasha and the Classic Q Natasha.. Which one? For those who have had one which do you like better?

    And just so I am in the right mindset when buying.. Ive never bought a designer purse before, is it really worth it?
  2. I don't have either of these bags, but, I like Classic Q Natasha the best. And, YES, designer bags are worth it. Once you buy a designer handbag, you won't want to go back to anything less!
  3. Yes it is worth it, once you compare to your non-designer bags, you realise what you were missing!
  4. What color are you planning to get? Personally, I like the blue turnlock natasha that's out
  5. Newsprint for the Classic Q and probably tan for the turnlock.
  6. I'd go for the turnlock. Designer bags are so nice, and with a good usable style like Natasha you probably won't regret the purchase.
  7. I like both but I had just ordered a few classic q natasha in different colors. I'm gonna need to choose between the raw sugar and newsprint. What color did you get?

    The classic q bags have a more grainy and thicker leather....which I like. The total turnlock bags have shinnier thinner leather. I think it depends on what type of "look" you're going for.
  8. I am planning to get it in Newsprint. Ahhh. I think I like the thicker leather more, it just seems more durable to me. I think its cause I never purchased a bag so expensive but it seems like you all say its worth it!
  9. Definitely worth it. :yes: Personally, I strongly prefer the totally turnlock Natashas over the classic q ones. The leather is thicker, true, but I don't like the look or feel of especially pebbled leather. I think that the smoother leather dresses up the Natasha a bit, and the workwear tag smack dab in the middle of the flap is a bit distracting.