I can’t decide..

  1. I need a black bag to my collection. I have always wanted a black cool bag. My Mulberry is not that good to use all the time.. :yes:

    I know there are many pics, but I just can´t decide..I probably can´t help myself and maybe I´ll get more then óne..Most bags are vintage, and I love vintage :love: and some of them looks like each other.

    22 bags

    1 1.jpg 2 2.jpg 3 3.jpg 4 4.jpg 5 5.jpg
    6 6.jpg 7 7.jpg 8 8.jpg 9 9.jpg 10 10.jpg

  2. 11 11.jpg 12 12.jpg 13 13.jpg 14 14.jpg 15 15.jpg
    16 16.jpg 17 17.jpg 18 18.jpg 19 19.jpg 20 20.jpg

  3. and the last two.

    21 21.jpg 22 22.jpg

    All of them with numbers..

  4. So fare..


  5. Arh, I can't really help...

    But my black bag is a Fendi LG Chef
  6. Sounds like a nice bag, I just don´t know what it look like.
    It has to be one of these bags. I like the vintage look and I want them all.. :smile:

  7. While the forum was down, I have managed to narrow it down two ten bags... :smile:

    1.jpg 2.jpg 3.jpg 7.jpg 9.jpg
    11.jpg 14.jpg 18.jpg 19.jpg 20.jpg

  8. Hey RonjA!!!!Great to see you are still on the board, I have been away awhile! Was in NL though!!!! Anyhow I like these 2 very much!!!!Pick THESE!!!!:heart:
    ronja.jpg 2rty.jpg
  9. Also would WANT this!!!!!!
  10. Jah, I see you are back...

    I love those two bags...
    2rty.jpg thisone.jpg

  11. Well if you are a collector, you have to choose one!!! I would choose this one. It has alot of style, great classic!
  12. Thanks for your opinion. I think I´ll try getting both....I have a feeling if I don´t I´m gonad kick myself so hard... :smile: I have made contact, so maybe if I give the right offer..

  13. Good luck! Those 2 bags are FABULOUS!!!!!
  14. Thank you....cross your fingers... :smile: