I can't decide...

  1. Hey everyone.. I'm new here. I'm getting another LV for Valentine's Day but I really can't decide between a Neverfull GM or a Batignolles Horizontal. I was just wondering what everyone prefers between the two because I'm stuck :lol:

    Thank you!
  2. No question: Batignolles Horizontal. For the price, I think it's a much more elegant and expensive looking bag. I just don't care for the tiny straps on the Neverfull at all, especially such a big bag with tiny, thin straps.
  3. I don't have either, but like the look of the BH best! Hope this helps!:smile:
  4. I prefer neverfull...
  5. Go for BH....
  6. Definitely Batignolles. More sophisticated, more elegant.
    IMO the Neverfull is for buying groceries and going to the beach... and btw, I have seen so many Neverfulls already... there are too many of them!
  7. BATIGNOLLES!!!! i miss mine so much....
  8. yah i have to agree with you guys...BH is more sophisticated to look
  9. Definitely the BH! I love mine so much!
  10. I agree with this 100%! I have the BH and love it! Also, these days Neverfulls are everywhere!

    I'm in law school, and you wouldn't believe how many Neverfulls I see in the halls...I always think to myself how unprofessional they look (at least for the setting)! IMO even the lining looks a little less sophisticated. :confused1:
  11. I have the BH and it is a good "go to" bag
    Neverful would be good for a tote bag, beach bag
  12. I don't own either, but I like the BH better.
  13. BH ~ the straps are thicker.
  14. bh, though i own a neverfull in mm, but GM is too painful to carry w/it's thin straps if you load it up.
  15. I too would go for the BH. Although I do like the sort of casual look of the neverfull, I plan to get it in damier azur when it comes out!