I can't decide...

  1. I can't decide which one to pick so.. I'm going to get Ursula in both white and black later! :biggrin: Woohooo! I'll post pic of my twins when I get them home! :biggrin:
  2. You are one lucky girl! I would love to have ONE Ursula!
  3. LOL! I really can't decide and i think I'm having handbag depression ever since I fell in love with the ursula! LOL! Last Saturday! And I still can't sleep upto now... Thinking about it! LOL!... I only get 2 hours sleep everyday which is very bad for my health! LOL! so I need to get them both! haha!
  4. I can't wait to see your new twins!
  5. Wow! You're building a great collection! I'm curious what you use for a diaper bag?
  6. wow you're getting both. Man I'm dreaming of one, instead I got the priscilla. Maybe next year then. Congrats. Post pic & model pic as well okie!
  7. wow, lucky you! post pics when you have them.
  8. Post pics when you get them!!
  9. I can't wait to see the twins!
  10. you're on a roll again, rica! make sure you post pics ok?
  11. wow...you're getting both?!?! Congrats! I love the Ursula. Be sure to post pictures.
  12. *HaHa* :lol:

    I love your stragedy .... "I can't decide which color I want so I'll get BOTH".

    You lucky, lucky, lucky gal.

    Please post pics of the beautiful twins when they arrive.