I Can't Decide!!


Chanel Jumbo Flap OR Balenciaga GGH Work/City??

  1. Chanel Jumbo Flap in Black Caviar w/ Silver hardware

  2. Balenciaga Sandstone GGH Work/City

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  1. Hey all, lately I've been debating on which new purse to buy. I'm looking for a bag I can carry all year round.. I think it has come down to either a Chanel Jumbo caviar flap in black with silver hardware..OR a Balenciaga Sandstone GGH Work/City style... I can't decide!!! I absolutely LOVE Chanel and think that this bag will be with me for years and years and I will never tire of it..But I think the Balenciaga's leather is TDF and can be worn more casually than the Jumbo. However, I feel like the caviar leather of Chanel is probably easier to take care of than Bal's leather. Any thoughts??
  2. Balenciaga....for the leather!
  3. I love the Chanel flap so I'd go with this one. I think it's great both with formal outfits and jeans
  4. I say Balenciaga ... I'm just not much of a fan of flap purses (I find them hard to get into) and I love the look of Balenciaga.
  5. Oh man.. this is tough.. I'd go with Balenciaga (trying not to be biased here, i swear haha) because you wont be able to get Sandstone brand new later if you wait.. You can always get the Chanel later! Also Sandstone is realllllyyy beautiful with GGH!
  6. Thanks for the replies!! Now I'm REALLY stuck! haha! Sammydoll, I was thinking the exact same thing..sandstone probably wont be available next year.. however, I wanna get the Chanel before they increase prices again!!
  7. Chanel Jumbo Flap!
  8. I really love Chanel, but if you want to carry all year round I would say Balenciaga.
  9. Chanel flap! I love Chanel and Balenciaga but I have to vote for the flap!
  10. I would go for the chanel.
  11. Oh boy..this is harder than I thought! :sad: My BF says I should go for the Balenciaga since its cheaper..but I know the Chanel will last me foreverrr! If he had it his way, I wouldn't be getting a bag, period! :p Do you guys think that the Chanel Caviar leather is more durable/stain resistant than the balenciaga's leather?
  12. I voted for the Chanel. They seem to always come back and black is always great. The other is beautiful, too, but Chanel does have price increase thing.....too bad you can't get both!
  13. Tough choice...Chanel's prices are so steep and they just keep getting higher. Maybe you should invest in one now? And hope you can find the right Bbag later?
  14. Another vote for Balenciaga! But I'm one of those who also doesn't love flaps. Good luck deciding!
  15. Ooh, tough call.

    Here's my two cents... Chanel is classic and never goes out of style, but I personally think of the Chanel flap as more of a "special occasion" type of bag or an evening bag. So if it were me, I wouldn't necessarily wear the Chanel Jumbo Flap as my "everyday bag."

    So, I say... go with the Balenciaga City. It's a little more casual, but a real showstopper, and it can easily be worn when you're all dressed up because of the gold hardware. Plus, this season's styles might not be available next year! You could always save up to get that Chanel later!

    (And I think I just tied up the poll; 10-10.) :sweatdrop:
    Good luck! But whatever your decision, it's a win-win because you're getting a fabulous bag either way! :tup: