I cant decide!!

  1. Hi everyone

    Im new here and I need some help!! :smile:

    Im getting a new bag but I really cant decide which one :confused1:

    Today I want a chloe paddington but I will have changed my mind by tomorrow! This is going to sound really stupid but does anyone have a paddington and can you tell me what it feels like. We dont have any stores here selling them so I will have to order one, and I dont want to buy one then find its nothing like what it looks like if you know what I mean.

    I also cant decide if I want a black bag or a brown one! Its going to be used mainly for work and I guess black would go with more outfits than brown?

    I also really like Mulberry bags but I spent about an hour looking at them today and still couldnt decide!

    What are your favourite bags? It might inspire me to just pick one already :lol:

    This is a really cool forum by the way :smile: I had no idea there was a forum about handbags and Im sooooo pleased I found this site!!

    Thanks :smile:
  2. I would post this message in the chloe forum or maybe one of the mods can move it to that forum for you....there's plenty of pics too in the chloe subforum "all about paddingtons'!!
  3. If you keep changing your mind, wait for something you KNOW you want without hesitation