I can't decide which wallet to keep! Help please!

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  1. Hi everyone!

    I've been a bad girl with all my recent purchases, granted one of them was a gift for mother's day from my DH but the rest were all me! LOL

    Right now, I own a DE Sarah Wallet NM and a mono Sarah Wallet NM....
    I was able to buy the last mono Emilie w/Rose Ballerine interior and a mono Josephine with Rose ballerine interior!

    I can only keep one and I can't decide! I love them both! Which one should I keep? Ms. Josephine or Ms. Emilie??

    I would love to hear your opinions please! Thank you!

    Attached Files:

  2. Emilie
  3. I would keep the Josephine, they are so hard to find in that color, and I love the removable coin pouch. Good luck deciding!💕
  4. The Emilie. I had the Josephine in mono/fuchsia and had used it a handful of times before having to send it off for repairs because the leather dividing the bottom to CC slots split open. Then repairs discovered the canvas had cracked in four separate locations, both sides along the top where the flap folds down to close and both sides along the bottom where the the CC slot portion folds up. Needless to say it was non-repairable and I ended up switching it for a Clemence instead. Never had any issues with either of my Emilie wallets though.
  5. thank you!:smile:
  6. Thanks Samantalvoe! That's another reason why it's hard for me to make up my mind, both wallets are hard to find in this color :confused1:
  7. Emilie, it's my favorite wallet and so beautiful in that color.
  8. Thank you Miss Krys! Wow! That is good info! I'm sorry that happened, wonder if that is with all the Josephine's? Maybe i need to go the "zippy" wallet route since I have two Sarah's.
  9. The Josephine must have a history since neither my SA or the manager seemed surprised nor made excuses such as normal wear and tear, how the climate may have had something to do with it, etc. After a little bit of a mixup in the repair process they agreed that the Clemence was a much better wallet.
  10. Emilie
  11. Thank you Bumbles! :smile:
  12. Emelie
  13. Thank you Pandoravuitton! It's definitely a beautiful color :smile:
  14. Thank you Kickchic! :smile:
  15. I don't own both but have been eyeing the Emilie. I don't like the removable pouch in the Josephine. Emilie is a much lighter wallet compared to Zippy.