I can't decide which Noe to buy!!

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Which Noe for me?

  1. Azur Noe

  2. Epi Noe

  3. Black MC Petite Noe

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  1. I will be travelling to Dubai at the end of the year and am pretty much sold on the Noe. The question is which one:

    * Azur Noe
    * Epi Noe (colour to be decided)
    * Black MC Petite Noe

    Can any owners give me some feedback on these bags like the pros and cons? I will primarily be using it for work (it should be able to carry phone, keys, wallet, a few books, some A4 papers, *maybe* a small sandwich box and *maybe* a mouse/power cord). I would also like the luxury of being able to carry it shopping (and I usually only carry wallet / keys / phone / umbrella/ bottle of water / mp3 player).

    thanks girls!
  2. I have the red epi petit noe, and I don't think it will hold A4 papers. In fact, I would not put all the stuff you listed in a petit noe. It would kill your shoulder. I think if you're set on a noe, make it the large one. Otherwise, a tote style bag may be better for you.
  3. I don't have one but I CRAVE the black Epi Noe!
  4. I don't have one so I can't provide feedback, just my opinion, but I chose Azur. I saw one in the store the other day & LOVED how it looked!

    And congrats on going to Dubai - I'm envious! That's on my list of must-go-to places. Have a wonderful time there & enjoy whichever Noe you end up getting!
  5. I would love a Black MC Petite Noe!
  6. epi noe in ivoire!
  7. I don't own a Noe .... but if I were to get one I'd definitely get an MC NOE.
  8. IMO, the Noe looks best in the MC line. I prefer white over black tho.
  9. Black MC! I absolutely love the MC line, it's so beautiful!
  10. I don't own a noe, but I love azur...it's so fresh!!
  11. Same here. I carried one textbook (not a thick one, either), a 70 pg spiral, my lunch, water bottle, light windbreaker, and my purse stuff in my mono petit noe, and although everything fit, it was quite heavy and I couldn't tie the drawstring. You're much better off with the large noe which will hold everything that you said comfortably. I chose the epi noe because you won't have to worry about the vachetta and will be easy to knock-around...although the MC black noe and azur noe are lovely, too!
  12. mc is my fav, its fun and has outer pockets =)
  13. Black MC.
  14. Azur!
  15. Either a Ivoire Epi Noe or Black MC.