I Can't Decide Which Color Longchamp Tote To Get

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  1. I start nursing school in September and want to treat myself to a new Longchamp Pilage tote for carrying around campus.

    Everytime in the past when I've gone to the store I've backed out because I simply cannot decide which color to get! I know it sounds silly but I would hate to regret the color I get.

    Could you tell me which color you have or like? Right now I'm leaning towards either blue or red or grey. Although Grey I'm afraid might get dirty fast if I leave the bag on the floor during class?

  2. By grey, you mean Graphite? The Graphite's beautiful, but I've never seen it IRL.

    Which blue did you mean, because there's a lot: Navy, Cornflower (discontinued, I think), Mediterranean (nice aqua/sea-blue), etc. If you're looking at the current/new colors, then Mediterranean is the blue that's available. Magnums.net has the Navy in stock. I haven't seen this bag IRL, either.

    The Red is a nice bold red. One of my friends has it in the Medium, and another has it in the large. I haven't seen the large in action, but I'd say it's beautiful. If you wear a lot of simple t-shirts or neutrals, I think the red would add a bright pop of color.

    Honestly, I think any of the colors are going to get dirty fast if you're putting it on the floor (but sometimes that cannot be helped), so I wouldn't worry about that, unless you were to get like Paper (off-white) or Beige). I have Bilberry (dark purple), and surprisingly, I had light dust marks on the bottom that cleaned off just fine.

    Just get a color that you love seeing on a daily basis, and you'll be fine. Unless you're planning on coordinating outfits to wear to school, I wouldn't worry about it too much. Even if you regret the color you get, you can always sell it on eBay for 75-80% of your purchase price (as long as it's in new condition).
  3. i feel like the graphite color wont get too dirty. i have the black and even that shows dirt, esp if your putting it on a dusty floor like my college used to have. but u can wash them in the machine.

    of the new pliage colors im totally drooling over the peony pink color. it looks so fun!!
  4. I think I might go with either the navy blue, red, or dark purple. I am not a dress up type of gal, especially for school. I'm hoping that an eye catchy red will remind me to study more often ^___^
  5. I went through the same thing when I first bought my longchamp, it was my first big purchase back in the day. But I ended up going with a magenta pink tote. I thought I might regret the color because it was kinda loud but it was on sale at Lohmanns for $70 and I felt like I couldnt pass that up. I bought it, still a little hesitant but I took it home and havent put it down since and whenever it gets dirty I just throw it in the wash in a pillow case and its back to being brand new. My sister is an avid collector of these totes and the one she ends up using the most and looks fabulous with everything and is super versatile is a tan/khaki colored one. She uses it for school, running errands and for overnight trips.

    Goodluck with your desicion!:wlae:
  6. grey would be a nice choice
  7. I'd also say grey is least prone to showing dirt. But red is fabulous...
  8. I saw a woman at the gym yesterday carrying a red Longchamp. It was so stunning that I could not stop staring.

    I have a beige one and would advise not to get a light color - it shows every darn mark. As a student, you should have something that is more care-free.
  9. I have been into alot of grey bags lately. So I would say to go with gray, or the red.
  10. THanks for all the advice!

    I have to say sw0pp - you are gorgeous!! I really enjoy reading your blogs!
  11. i'd vote for bilberry / dark purple... so CUTE!!