I cant decide which bag to get!

  1. :push: It's driving me nuts. It's a tossup between the small/med zippy and the medium satchel in Mais. I saw the color last night at Nordies, must have. I also test drove both styles but...still cant make up my mind :cursing: And unfortunately I can't get both LOL. *sighs* Ok vent over, I'm just glad to be getting one, I've missed having paddies.
  2. That is one amazing color! You can't go wrong with either style. :supacool:
    Maybe decide on the leather variations if it is a toss-up :confused1:
  3. Wish I could but both would have to be bought sight unseen. Nordies doesnt carry either style in Mais, they only had an edith. Althought I must say Noir had TDF leather, but I'm not big on black bags. Decisions, decisions lol.
  4. I saw a Mais on Diabro.net -- it is the same Paddy East/West Zippy that Micha Barton has been photographed with....I love that color....
  5. I think you should get the zippy in Mais. I like that color better w/ more hardware... If they had it in a front pocket paddy, that would be good too!!!

    Good luck Nawth :flowers:
  6. I think I'm leaning towards the zippy. And I think I'll stalk the med satchel in Gallet LOL. Chloes are like chips, cant have just one ya know.
  7. Zippy! Go for it!
  8. Hi Nawth!! Omigosh, how are you? Do you still have your metallic satchel?? I remember how you were going through all that hassel getting the matching wallet that was lost in the mail. I have been off the boards for a while :smile: I'm lemming a metallic satchel BIG TIME.

    I'm not crazy about the zippy's because the top compartment is so small and the bottom zippy part is so impractical to get into/out of. So my vote is for the satchel, definitely!!
  9. I say go zippy!
  10. I'm going to vote for the satchel :heart:
  11. I know, I've been MIA for a minute as well. Unfortunately life has not been kind to me lately, but thats the way it goes sometimes. I've had to sell off all my bags, but I do have that dang wallet still LOL. But now its time for a new baby. Still indecisive but she wont be mine till the 16th or so anyways so i have time. But the Nordstrom by me has revamped their look so they carry tons of HE designers so I can drool over the in person atleast :heart:
  12. go zippy!
  13. I vote for Zippy!!!!:yes:
  14. Satchel vote here!!

    both are great bags tho ;)
  15. I vote for the Zippy :smile: